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Revision, Sun Aug 6 04:06:49 2000 UTC (20 years, 5 months ago) by takemura
Branch: netbsd-1-5
CVS Tags: netbsd-1-5-RELEASE, netbsd-1-5-PATCH003, netbsd-1-5-PATCH002, netbsd-1-5-PATCH001, netbsd-1-5-BETA2, netbsd-1-5-BETA, netbsd-1-5-ALPHA2
Changes since 1.33: +14 -1 lines

Pull up revision 1.36 (requested by takemura)

Add apmdev, hpcapm and mq200video.

#	$NetBSD: files.hpcmips,v 2000/08/06 04:06:49 takemura Exp $

# maxpartitions must be first item in files.${ARCH}.
maxpartitions 8

maxusers 2 8 64

# Machine-independent SCSI drivers

include "dev/scsipi/files.scsipi"
major	{sd = 3}
major	{st = 4}
major	{cd = 5}

# Machine-independent ATA drivers

include "dev/ata/files.ata"
major	{wd = 1}

# Bus-independent devices
device mainbus { }			# no locators
attach mainbus at root

device cpu				# not optional
attach cpu at mainbus
file arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/cpu.c		cpu

# CPU support option headers
defopt	VR41X1
defopt	TX39XX

# CPU-dependent files
file	arch/hpcmips/vr/vr.c		vr41x1	# NEC VR4000 series
file	arch/hpcmips/vr/vr_idle.S	vr41x1
file	arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39.c		tx39xx	# TOSHIBA TX3900 series

file	arch/mips/mips/fp.S		softfloat

file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/autoconf.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/conf.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/machdep.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/platid.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/platid_mask.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/platid_name.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/mainbus.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/bus_space.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/bus_dma.c
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/disksubr.c	disk
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/config_hook.c

# Console autoconfiguration code: selects between a framebuffers
file	dev/cons.c
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/bicons.c
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/bifont.c

# Raster operations
include "dev/rasops/files.rasops"
include "dev/wsfont/files.wsfont"

# Workstation Console
include "dev/wscons/files.wscons"
file	dev/pckbc/wskbdmap_mfii.c		btnmgr | vrkiu | skbd
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/pckbd_encode.c		btnmgr | vrkiu | skbd

define	hpcfbif {}
device	hpcfb: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops1, rasops2, rasops8, rasops15, rasops16
attach	hpcfb at hpcfbif
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/hpcfb.c	hpcfb needs-flag

device	bivideo: hpcfbif
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/bivideo.c	bivideo needs-flag
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/hpccmap.c	bivideo
attach	bivideo at mainbus

device btnmgr: wskbddev
attach btnmgr at mainbus
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/btnmgr.c	btnmgr

file	arch/hpcmips/dev/video_subr.c	tx3912video | plumvideo

# power management
include "arch/hpcmips/dev/apm/files.apm"
device hpcapm: apmdevif
attach hpcapm at mainbus
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/hpcapm.c	hpcapm

# ISA bus support
include "dev/isa/files.isa"

# pseudo devices
defpseudo	biconsdev
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/biconsdev.c	biconsdev	needs-count

#  Vr41x1 integrated peripherals
device vrip { [addr=-1], [size=-1], [addr2=-1], [size2=-1], [intr=-1], [pwctl=-1] }
attach vrip at mainbus
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrip.c		vrip needs-flag

device vrrtc
attach vrrtc at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/rtc.c			vrrtc

device vrcmu
attach vrcmu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/cmu.c			vrcmu

device	vrisabif {[platform = -1], [isaportoffset=0], [isamemoffset=0]}		# GIU attachment
device  gpbusif {[platform = -1], [comctrl = -1], [button0 = -1], [button1 = -1], [button2 = -1], [button3 = -1], [button4 = -1], [button5 = -1], [button6 = -1], [button7 = -1], [button8 = -1], [button9 = -1], [button10 = -1], [button11 = -1]} 
device  newgpbusif { [platform = -1], [id = -1], [port = -1], [active = 1], [level = -1] }

device vrgiu: vrisabif, gpbusif, newgpbusif
attach vrgiu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrgiu.c			vrgiu

device gpbus
attach gpbus at gpbusif
file arch/hpcmips/vr/gpbus.c			gpbus

device vrisab: isabus
attach vrisab at vrisabif
file arch/hpcmips/isa/isa_machdep.c		vrisab

device pwctl
attach pwctl at newgpbusif with pwctl_vrgiu
file arch/hpcmips/vr/pwctl_vrgiu.c		pwctl_vrgiu

device button
attach button at newgpbusif with button_vrgiu
file arch/hpcmips/vr/button_vrgiu.c		button_vrgiu

device vrbcu
attach vrbcu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/bcu_vrip.c			vrbcu needs-flag

device vrkiu: wskbddev
attach vrkiu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrkiu.c			vrkiu needs-flag

device vrpmu
attach vrpmu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrpmu.c			vrpmu needs-flag

device vrdsu
attach vrdsu at vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrdsu.c			vrdsu needs-flag

define	tpcalib
file arch/hpcmips/dev/tpcalib.c			tpcalib
file arch/hpcmips/dev/mra.c			tpcalib

device vrpiu: wsmousedev
attach vrpiu at vrip: tpcalib
file arch/hpcmips/vr/vrpiu.c			vrpiu

attach ohci at vrip with ohci_vrip
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ohci_vrip.c		ohci_vrip

device mqvideo: hpcfbif
attach mqvideo at vrip with mqvideo_vrip
file arch/hpcmips/vr/mq200_vrip.c		mqvideo_vrip
file arch/hpcmips/dev/mq200.c			mqvideo

#	TOSHIBA TX3912/3922
defopt TX39_DEBUG
defopt TX39IODEBUG
defopt USE_POLL

device txsim { }
device txcsbusif {[platform = -1]}
device txcomif {[slot = -1]}
device txsibif {[slot = -1]}
device ucbif { }
device irif { }
device txiomanif {[platform = -1]}

attach txsim at mainbus
file arch/hpcmips/tx/txsim.c		txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/txsnd.c		txsim

device tx39biu: txcsbusif
attach tx39biu at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39biu.c		tx39biu

device txcsbus {[regcs=-1], [regcsbase=0], [regcssize=-1], [regcswidth=-1], [iocs=-1], [iocsbase=0], [iocssize=-1], [iocswidth=-1], [memcs=-1], [memcsbase=0], [memcssize=-1], [memcswidth=-1], [irq1=-1], [irq2=-1], [irq3=-1]}
attach txcsbus at txcsbusif
file arch/hpcmips/tx/txcsbus.c		txcsbus

device tx39icu
attach tx39icu at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39icu.c		tx39icu

device tx39power
attach tx39power at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39power.c	tx39power

device tx39clock
attach tx39clock at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39clock.c	tx39clock

device tx3912video: hpcfbif
attach tx3912video at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx3912video.c	tx3912video

device tx39io: txiomanif
attach tx39io at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39io.c		tx39io

device txioman
attach txioman at txiomanif
file arch/hpcmips/tx/txioman.c		txioman

device tx39sib: txsibif
attach tx39sib at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39sib.c		tx39sib

#	PHILIPS UCB1200 / TOSHIBA TC35413F (modem/audio analog front-end)
device ucb: ucbif
attach ucb at txsibif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ucb1200.c		ucb

device ucbtp: wsmousedev
attach ucbtp at ucbif: tpcalib
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ucbtp.c		ucbtp

device ucbsnd
attach ucbsnd at ucbif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ucbsnd.c		ucbsnd		needs-flag

device ucbio: newgpbusif
attach ucbio at ucbif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ucbio.c		ucbio

device ucbioport
attach ucbioport at newgpbusif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/ucbioport.c	ucbioport

device tx39uart: txcomif
attach tx39uart at txsim
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39uart.c		tx39uart	needs-flag

device txcom: irif
attach txcom at txcomif
file arch/hpcmips/tx/txcom.c		txcom

device tx39ir
attach tx39ir at irif
file arch/hpcmips/tx/tx39ir.c		tx39ir

#	ITE IT8368E PCMCIA / TOSHIBA TC6345AF buffer chip (PCMCIA)
device it8368e: pcmciabus
attach it8368e at txcsbus
file arch/hpcmips/dev/it8368.c	it8368e

device skbdif {}

#	MITUBISHI M38813 keryboard controller
device m38813c: skbdif
attach m38813c at txcsbus
file arch/hpcmips/dev/m38813c.c		m38813c		needs-flag

#	PHILIPS 74ALVC16241 / TOSHIBA TC5165BTFS buffer driver (keyboard)
device tc5165buf: skbdif
attach tc5165buf at txcsbus
file arch/hpcmips/dev/tc5165buf.c	tc5165buf	needs-flag

#	Simple keyboard interface for wskbd
device skbd: wskbddev
attach skbd at skbdif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/skbd.c		skbd

#	TOSHIBA TC6358E(Plum2)
device plumif {}
device plum: plumif
attach plum at txcsbus
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plum.c		plum

device plumicu
attach plumicu at plumif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plumicu.c		plumicu

device plumpower
attach plumpower at plumif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plumpower.c	plumpower

device plumvideo: hpcfbif
attach plumvideo at plumif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plumvideo.c	plumvideo

device plumpcmcia: pcmciabus
attach plumpcmcia at plumif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plumpcmcia.c	plumpcmcia

device plumiobusif {[platform = -1], [slot = -1]}
device plumiobus: plumiobusif
attach plumiobus at plumif
file arch/hpcmips/dev/plumiobus.c	plumiobus

device plumisab: isabus
attach plumisab at plumiobusif
file arch/hpcmips/isa/plumisa_machdep.c	plumisab

# OHCI USB controller
attach	ohci at plumif with plumohci
file	arch/hpcmips/dev/plumohci.c	plumohci

#device txisab: isabus
#attach txisab at txcsbus
#file arch/hpcmips/isa/txisa_machdep.c	txisab

#	Real-time clock (not optional)
file	arch/hpcmips/hpcmips/clock.c
file	dev/clock_subr.c

# Floppy disk controller
device	fdc {drive = -1}
#attach	fdc at isa
#device	fd: disk, isadma
device	fd: disk
#attach	fd at fdc
file	arch/i386/isa/fd.c		fdc needs-flag
major	{fd = 2}

# network devices MII bus
include "dev/mii/files.mii"

# XXXX pcic here because it needs to be late.  The catch: pcic needs
# to be late, so devices which attach to it are attached late.  But it
# needs to be before its isa and pci attachments.  This answer is
# non-optimal, but I don't have a better answer right now.

# PCIC pcmcia contoller
# XXX this needs to be done very late, so it's done here.  This feels
# like a kludge, but it might be for the best.


device	pcic: pcmciabus
file	dev/ic/i82365.c			pcic

# PCIC pcmcia controller
attach	pcic at isa with pcic_isa
file	dev/isa/i82365_isa.c			pcic_isa
file	dev/isa/i82365_isasubr.c		pcic_isa

# Machine-independent PCMCIA drivers
include "dev/pcmcia/files.pcmcia"

# Serial Interface Unit
attach com at vrip with com_vrip
file	arch/hpcmips/vr/com_vrip.c			com_vrip

# Memory Disk for boot tape
file arch/hpcmips/dev/md_root.c		memory_disk_hooks
major	{md = 6}

include "dev/usb/files.usb"