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Diff for /src/sys/arch/hp300/conf/Makefile.hp300 between version 1.75 and 1.76

version 1.75, 2000/05/09 00:32:22 version 1.76, 2000/05/09 00:56:24
Line 205  dma.o hpux_machdep.o locore.o machdep.o 
Line 205  dma.o hpux_machdep.o locore.o machdep.o 
 locore.o: ${HP300}/hp300/locore.s assym.h  locore.o: ${HP300}/hp300/locore.s assym.h
         ${NORMAL_S}          ${NORMAL_S}
   # The install target can be redefined by putting a
   # install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME} target into /etc/mk.conf
   MACHINE_NAME!=  uname -n
   install: install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME}
   .if !target(install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME}})
           rm -f /onetbsd
           ln /netbsd /onetbsd
           cp netbsd /nnetbsd
           mv /nnetbsd /netbsd

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