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[TXT] com_obio.c  1.14   6 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] i80312_mainbus.c  1.16   5 years  msaitoh   struct device * -> device_t change. Not tested though.
[TXT] iq80310_7seg.c  1.10   6 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] iq80310_intr.c  1.34   4 years  christos   kill sprintf.
[TXT] iq80310_intr.h  1.9   4 years  martin   Unused variable police
[TXT] iq80310_machdep.c  1.86   17 months  cherry   switch all ports to use uvm_init.c:uvm_md_init() uvm_setpagesize() is now subsu...
[TXT] iq80310_pci.c  1.13   4 years  christos   make pci_intr_string and eisa_intr_string take a buffer and a length instead of ...
[TXT] iq80310_start.S  1.5   7 years  matt   Add RCSID when needed. Don't include pmap.h or pte.h, include "assym.h" instead....
[TXT] iq80310_timer.c  1.22   6 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] iq80310reg.h  1.7   19 months  skrll   Fix regisers typo
[TXT] iq80310var.h  1.8   5 years  chs   defer evcnt attachment correctly.
[TXT] obio.c  1.20   6 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] obio_space.c  1.16   3 months  ryo   use designated initializer to make adaptability and flexibility for changing str...
[TXT] obiovar.h  1.4   15 years  thorpej   Give every obio implementation a size and width locator.

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