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[TXT] gumstix_machdep.c  1.50   20 months  kiyohara   Fix reset parameters for omap3_ehci.
[TXT] gumstix_start.S  1.13   20 months  kiyohara   Call arm32_*_init() and initarm_common(). OVERO work fine. GUMSTIX build only n...
[TXT] gumstixreg.h  1.7   3 years  kiyohara   Statically map of devices moves to 0xc0000000 from 0x90000000.
[TXT] gumstixvar.h  1.6   4 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] gxiic.c  1.7   4 years  kiyohara   Use CFATTACH_DECL_NEW().
[TXT] gxio.c  1.20   3 years  kiyohara   Add more comment.
[TXT] gxlcd.c  1.3   4 years  dyoung   #include <sys/bus.h> instead of <machine/bus.h>.
[TXT] gxmci.c  1.4   4 years  nonaka   fix my license notice.
[TXT] gxpcic.c  1.13   3 years  christos   static inline so that the kernel links.
[TXT] if_sm_gxio.c  1.11   3 years  chs   split device_t/softc for all remaining drivers. replace "struct device *" with "...
[TXT] if_smsh_gpmc.c  1.3   3 years  matt   Add support for getting the mac-address from the device properties.
[TXT] if_smsh_gxio.c  1.3   5 years  kiyohara   + Struct smsh_gxio is obsolated, and struct lan9118_softc is used. We do not h...

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