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[TXT] GENERIC  1.155   8 months  manu   Remove unused extended attributes kernel options As Masao Uebayashi pointed to ...
[TXT] GENERIC.ABLE  1.2   9 years  christos   merge ktrace-lwp.
[TXT] INSTALL  1.94   11 months  dholland   Systematize (and in many cases, fix) the comments on options COMPAT_NN. There a...
[TXT] INSTALL.ABLE  1.2   9 years  christos   merge ktrace-lwp.
[TXT]  1.31   8 months  skrll   Explicitly set LOADADDRESS, the linker script hack is overriden by command line ...
[TXT] files.cats  1.38   15 months  skrll   Convert cats to the new world order, i.e. arm32_{bootmem,kernel_vm}_init. Make V...
[TXT] kern.ldscript  1.2   17 months  matt   Put EHABI exception tables at the end of text. provide __exidx_start and __exidx...
[TXT] ldscript.elf  1.2   9 years  christos   merge ktrace-lwp.
[TXT] std.cats  1.9   2 years  matt   Switch to the generic bounce buffer support.

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