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Current directory: [] / src / sys / arch / alpha / stand

Current tag: netbsd-1-5-ALPHA2

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
[BACK] Parent Directory        
[DIR] boot/        
[DIR] bootxx/        
[DIR] bootxx_cd9660/        
[DIR] bootxx_ffs/        
[DIR] bootxx_ffsv2/        
[DIR] bootxx_lfs/        
[DIR] common/        
[DIR] installboot/        
[DIR] installboot.old/        
[DIR] installboot_cd9660/        
[DIR] mkbootimage/        
[DIR] netboot/        
[DIR] setnetbootinfo/        
[DIR] standtest/        
[DIR] ustarboot/        
[DIR] xxboot/        
[TXT] Makefile.bootprogs  1.17   20 years  tsutsui   Revert STRIPPROG -> STRIP
[TXT]  1.16   21 years  cgd   branches: 1.16.14; 1.16.16; only conditionally set BINDIR to /usr/mdec
[TXT] Makefile  1.13   21 years  cgd   branches: 1.13.14; 1.13.16; add bootxx_lfs
[TXT] Makefile.bootxx  1.3   21 years  cgd   branches: 1.3.14; 1.3.16; 1.3.18; add a gross putulong() function which can b...

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