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[TXT] GENERIC  1.276   15 years  abs   If we're enabling ipfilter then we should really have IPFILTER_LOG
[TXT] GENERIC.PROF  1.16   23 years  cgd   fix spaces/tabs lossage: if we're going to do "options<space><tab>", be consiste...
[TXT] Makefile.alpha  1.75   15 years  christos   branches: 1.75.2; s/GENASSYM/GENASSYM_CONF/ so we can use "GENASSYM" as the pro...
[TXT] files.alpha  1.167   16 years  drochner   branches: 1.167.12; Phase out the use of a string as first "attach args" member...
[TXT] majors.alpha  1.19   15 years  heas   Add major for twe(4), so that management applications have a /dev entry to use.
[TXT] RAMDISK  1.16   18 years  lukem   branches: 1.16.116; 1.16.124; Rename MEMORY_DISK_SIZE (formerly MINIROOTSIZE) ...
[TXT] INSTALL  1.86   15 years  tron   branches: 1.86.2; Remove attachment for the piixide(4) driver from all non-x86 ...
[TXT] std.alpha  1.22   15 years  yamt   include "conf/std".

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