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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.prog.mk between version 1.277 and 1.278

version 1.277, 2012/08/23 21:21:16 version 1.278, 2012/08/24 20:26:24
 ##### PROG specific flags.  ##### PROG specific flags.
   _DPADD.${_P}=           ${DPADD}    ${DPADD.${_P}}
 _LDADD.${_P}=           ${LDADD}    ${LDADD.${_P}}  _LDADD.${_P}=           ${LDADD}    ${LDADD.${_P}}
 _LDFLAGS.${_P}=         ${LDFLAGS}  ${LDFLAGS.${_P}}  _LDFLAGS.${_P}=         ${LDFLAGS}  ${LDFLAGS.${_P}}
 _LDSTATIC.${_P}=        ${LDSTATIC} ${LDSTATIC.${_P}}  _LDSTATIC.${_P}=        ${LDSTATIC} ${LDSTATIC.${_P}}
Line 445  NODPSRCS+= ${f}
Line 446  NODPSRCS+= ${f}
 .endif  .endif
 .endfor  .endfor
 ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${XOBJS.${_P}} ${SRCS.${_P}} ${DPSRCS} ${LIBC} ${LIBCRTBEGIN} ${LIBCRTEND} ${DPADD}  ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${XOBJS.${_P}} ${SRCS.${_P}} ${DPSRCS} ${LIBC} ${LIBCRTBEGIN} ${LIBCRTEND} ${_DPADD.${_P}}
         ${_MKTARGET_LINK}          ${_MKTARGET_LINK}
 .if defined(DESTDIR)  .if defined(DESTDIR)
         ${_CCLINK.${_P}} -Wl,-nostdlib \          ${_CCLINK.${_P}} -Wl,-nostdlib \
Line 478  CLEANFILES+= ${_P}.d
Line 479  CLEANFILES+= ${_P}.d
 ${OBJS.${_P}} ${LOBJS.${_P}}: ${DPSRCS}  ${OBJS.${_P}} ${LOBJS.${_P}}: ${DPSRCS}
 ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${OBJS.${_P}} ${LIBC} ${LIBCRTBEGIN} ${LIBCRTEND} ${DPADD}  ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${OBJS.${_P}} ${LIBC} ${LIBCRTBEGIN} ${LIBCRTEND} ${_DPADD.${_P}}
 .if !commands(${_P})  .if !commands(${_P})
         ${_MKTARGET_LINK}          ${_MKTARGET_LINK}
         ${_CCLINK.${_P}} \          ${_CCLINK.${_P}} \
Line 497  ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${OBJS.${_P}}
Line 498  ${_P}: .gdbinit ${LIBCRT0} ${OBJS.${_P}}
 .endif  # !commands(${_P})  .endif  # !commands(${_P})
 .endif  # USE_COMBINE  .endif  # USE_COMBINE
 ${_P}.ro: ${OBJS.${_P}} ${DPADD}  ${_P}.ro: ${OBJS.${_P}} ${_DPADD.${_P}}
         ${_MKTARGET_LINK}          ${_MKTARGET_LINK}
         ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -nostdlib -r -Wl,-dc -o ${.TARGET} ${OBJS.${_P}}          ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -nostdlib -r -Wl,-dc -o ${.TARGET} ${OBJS.${_P}}

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