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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.lib.mk between version 1.96 and 1.97

version 1.96, 1997/05/07 08:42:19 version 1.97, 1997/05/07 15:53:30
Line 5 
Line 5 
 .include "${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc"
 .endif  .endif
   .include <bsd.own.mk>
 .MAIN:          all  .MAIN:          all
 .PHONY:         cleanlib libinstall  .PHONY:         cleanlib libinstall
   install:        libinstall
 .include <bsd.own.mk>                           # for 'NOPIC' definition  clean:          cleanlib
 .if exists(${.CURDIR}/shlib_version)  .if exists(${.CURDIR}/shlib_version)
 SHLIB_MAJOR != . ${.CURDIR}/shlib_version ; echo $$major  SHLIB_MAJOR != . ${.CURDIR}/shlib_version ; echo $$major
Line 200  llib-l${LIB}.ln: ${LOBJS}
Line 202  llib-l${LIB}.ln: ${LOBJS}
         @rm -f llib-l${LIB}.ln          @rm -f llib-l${LIB}.ln
         @${LINT} -C${LIB} ${LOBJS} ${LLIBS}          @${LINT} -C${LIB} ${LOBJS} ${LLIBS}
 .if !target(clean)  
 cleanlib:  cleanlib:
         rm -f a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core ${CLEANFILES}          rm -f a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core ${CLEANFILES}
         rm -f lib${LIB}.a ${OBJS}          rm -f lib${LIB}.a ${OBJS}
Line 208  cleanlib:
Line 209  cleanlib:
         rm -f lib${LIB}_pic.a lib${LIB}.so.*.* ${SOBJS}          rm -f lib${LIB}_pic.a lib${LIB}.so.*.* ${SOBJS}
         rm -f llib-l${LIB}.ln ${LOBJS}          rm -f llib-l${LIB}.ln ${LOBJS}
 clean: _SUBDIRUSE cleanlib  
 cleandir: _SUBDIRUSE cleanlib  
 cleandir: _SUBDIRUSE clean  
 .if defined(SRCS)  .if defined(SRCS)
 afterdepend: .depend  afterdepend: .depend
         @(TMP=/tmp/_depend$$$$; \          @(TMP=/tmp/_depend$$$$; \
Line 222  afterdepend: .depend
Line 217  afterdepend: .depend
             mv $$TMP .depend)              mv $$TMP .depend)
 .endif  .endif
 .if !target(install)  .if !target(libinstall)
 .if !target(beforeinstall)  
 libinstall:: ${DESTDIR}${LIBDIR}/lib${LIB}.a  libinstall:: ${DESTDIR}${LIBDIR}/lib${LIB}.a
 .if !defined(UPDATE)  .if !defined(UPDATE)
Line 301  ${DESTDIR}${LINTLIBDIR}/llib-l${LIB}.ln:
Line 292  ${DESTDIR}${LINTLIBDIR}/llib-l${LIB}.ln:
         ${INSTALL} ${COPY} -o ${LIBOWN} -g ${LIBGRP} -m ${LIBMODE} \          ${INSTALL} ${COPY} -o ${LIBOWN} -g ${LIBGRP} -m ${LIBMODE} \
             llib-l${LIB}.ln ${DESTDIR}${LINTLIBDIR}              llib-l${LIB}.ln ${DESTDIR}${LINTLIBDIR}
 .endif  .endif
 libinstall:: linksinstall  
 realinstall: libinstall filesinstall  
 ${MANINSTALL}: afterinstall  
 afterinstall: realinstall  
 realinstall: beforeinstall  
 .endif  .endif
 .if !defined(NOMAN)  .if !defined(NOMAN)

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