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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.lib.mk between version 1.316 and 1.317

version 1.316, 2011/09/10 16:57:35 version 1.317, 2011/09/25 11:20:41
Line 595  lint: ${LOBJS}
Line 595  lint: ${LOBJS}
         ${LINT} ${LINTFLAGS} ${LOBJS}          ${LINT} ${LINTFLAGS} ${LOBJS}
 .endif  .endif
   # If the number of entries in CLEANFILES is too large, then the
   # commands in bsd.clean.mk encounter errors like "exec(/bin/sh)
   # failed (Argument list too long)".  Avoid that by splitting the
   # files to clean into several lists using different variable names.
   # __cleanuse is an internal target in bsd.clean.mk; the way we
   # use it here mimics the way it's used by the clean target in
   # bsd.clean.mk.
   clean: libclean1 libclean2 libclean3 libclean4 libclean5
   libclean1: .PHONY .MADE __cleanuse LIBCLEANFILES1
   libclean2: .PHONY .MADE __cleanuse LIBCLEANFILES2
   libclean3: .PHONY .MADE __cleanuse LIBCLEANFILES3
   libclean4: .PHONY .MADE __cleanuse LIBCLEANFILES4
   libclean5: .PHONY .MADE __cleanuse LIBCLEANFILES5
 CLEANFILES+= a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core  CLEANFILES+= a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core
 CLEANFILES+= lib${LIB}_p.a ${POBJS}  LIBCLEANFILES2+= lib${LIB}_p.a ${POBJS}  ${POBJS:=.tmp}
 CLEANFILES+= lib${LIB}_g.a ${GOBJS}  LIBCLEANFILES3+= lib${LIB}_g.a ${GOBJS}  ${GOBJS:=.tmp}
 CLEANFILES+= lib${LIB}_pic.a lib${LIB}.so.* lib${LIB}.so ${_LIB.debug} ${SOBJS}  LIBCLEANFILES4+= lib${LIB}_pic.a lib${LIB}.so.* lib${LIB}.so ${_LIB.debug}
 CLEANFILES+= ${STOBJS:=.tmp} ${POBJS:=.tmp} ${SOBJS:=.tmp} ${GOBJS:=.tmp}  LIBCLEANFILES4+= ${SOBJS} ${SOBJS:=.tmp}
 CLEANFILES+= llib-l${LIB}.ln ${LOBJS}  LIBCLEANFILES5+= llib-l${LIB}.ln ${LOBJS}
 .if !target(libinstall)                                                 # {  .if !target(libinstall)                                                 # {
 # Make sure it gets defined, in case MKPIC==no && MKLINKLIB==no  # Make sure it gets defined, in case MKPIC==no && MKLINKLIB==no

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