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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.lib.mk between version 1.286 and 1.287

version 1.286, 2008/09/09 11:54:19 version 1.287, 2008/10/17 17:29:39
Line 34  realinstall: checkver libinstall
Line 34  realinstall: checkver libinstall
 clean:          cleanlib  clean:          cleanlib
 ##### LIB specific flags.  ##### LIB specific flags.
   # XXX: This is needed for programs that link with .a libraries
   # Perhaps a more correct solution is to always generate _pic.a
   # files or always have a shared library.
   .if defined(MKPIE) && (${MKPIE} != "no")
   CFLAGS+=        ${PIE_CFLAGS}
 COPTS+=     ${COPTS.lib${LIB}}  COPTS+=     ${COPTS.lib${LIB}}

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