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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.lib.mk between version 1.22 and 1.23

version 1.22, 1993/08/15 19:26:06 version 1.23, 1993/08/15 19:37:06
Line 1 
Line 1 
 #       @(#)bsd.lib.mk  5.26 (Berkeley) 5/2/91  #       from: @(#)bsd.lib.mk    5.26 (Berkeley) 5/2/91
   #       $Id$
 .if exists(${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc)  .if exists(${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc)
 .include "${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/../Makefile.inc"
Line 10  LIBGRP?= bin
Line 11  LIBGRP?= bin
 LIBOWN?=        bin  LIBOWN?=        bin
 LIBMODE?=       444  LIBMODE?=       444
 STRIP?= -s  STRIP?=         -s
 BINGRP?=        bin  BINGRP?=        bin
 BINOWN?=        bin  BINOWN?=        bin
Line 96  clean:
Line 97  clean:
 .endif  .endif
 .if !target(cleandir)  .if !target(cleandir)
 cleandir:  cleandir: clean
         rm -f a.out Errs errs mklog core ${CLEANFILES}  
         rm -f ${OBJS}  
         rm -f ${POBJS} profiled/*.o  
         rm -f lib${LIB}.a lib${LIB}_p.a llib-l${LIB}.ln  
         rm -f ${MANALL} ${.CURDIR}/tags .depend          rm -f ${MANALL} ${.CURDIR}/tags .depend
 .endif  .endif
 .if !target(depend)  .include <bsd.dep.mk>
 depend: .depend  afterdepend:
 .depend: ${SRCS}  
         rm -f .depend  
         files="${.ALLSRC:M*.c}"; \  
         if [ "$$files" != "" ]; then \  
           mkdep -a ${MKDEP} ${CFLAGS:M-[ID]*} $$files; \  
         files="${.ALLSRC:M*.cc} ${.ALLSRC:M*.C} ${.ALLSRC:M*.cxx}"; \  
         if [ "$$files" != "  " ]; then \  
           mkdep -a ${MKDEP} -+ ${CXXFLAGS:M-[ID]*} $$files; \  
         @(TMP=/tmp/_depend$$$$; \          @(TMP=/tmp/_depend$$$$; \
             sed -e 's/^\([^\.]*\).o[ ]*:/\1.o \1.po:/' < .depend > $$TMP; \              sed -e 's/^\([^\.]*\).o[ ]*:/\1.o \1.po:/' < .depend > $$TMP; \
             mv $$TMP .depend)              mv $$TMP .depend)
 .if !target(install)  .if !target(install)
 .if !target(beforeinstall)  .if !target(beforeinstall)

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