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Diff for /src/share/mk/bsd.lib.mk between version 1.191 and 1.192

version 1.191, 2001/11/14 23:06:26 version 1.192, 2001/11/19 02:46:50
Line 9  realinstall: checkver libinstall
Line 9  realinstall: checkver libinstall
 clean:          cleanlib  clean:          cleanlib
 ##### Build and install rules  ##### Build and install rules
 CPPFLAGS+=      ${DESTDIR:D-nostdinc -isystem ${DESTDIR}/usr/include}  CPPFLAGS+=      ${DESTDIR:D-nostdinc ${CPPFLAG_ISYSTEM} ${DESTDIR}/usr/include}
 .if !defined(SHLIB_MAJOR) && exists(${SHLIB_VERSION_FILE})  .if !defined(SHLIB_MAJOR) && exists(${SHLIB_VERSION_FILE})
 SHLIB_MAJOR != . ${SHLIB_VERSION_FILE} ; echo $$major  SHLIB_MAJOR != . ${SHLIB_VERSION_FILE} ; echo $$major

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