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Revision 1.8, Mon Nov 19 16:04:54 2012 UTC (4 years, 9 months ago) by apb
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.7: +9 -3 lines

On second thoughts, don't run "rm -rf" in bsd.clean.mk.  Instead,
document that CLEANFILES and CLEANDIRFILES must not contain
directory names.

# $NetBSD: bsd.clean.mk,v 1.8 2012/11/19 16:04:54 apb Exp $

# <bsd.clean.mk>
# Public targets:
# clean:	Delete files listed in ${CLEANFILES}.
# cleandir:	Delete files listed in ${CLEANFILES} and ${CLEANDIRFILES}.
# Public variables:
# CLEANFILES	Files to remove for both the clean and cleandir targets.
# CLEANDIRFILES	Files to remove for the cleandir target, but not for
#		the clean target.
# MKCLEANSRC	Whether or not to clean the source directory
# 		in addition to the object directory.  Defaults to "yes".
# MKCLEANVERIFY	Whether or not to verify that the file deletion worked.
#		Defaults to "yes".
# The files listed in CLEANFILES and CLEANDIRFILES must not be
# directories, because the potential risk from running "rm -rf" commands
# in bsd.clean.mk is considered too great.  If you want to recursively
# delete a directory as part of "make clean" or "make cleandir" then you
# need to provide your own target.

.if !defined(_BSD_CLEAN_MK_)

.include <bsd.init.mk>


clean:		.PHONY __doclean
__doclean:	.PHONY .MADE __cleanuse CLEANFILES
cleandir:	.PHONY clean __docleandir
__docleandir:	.PHONY .MADE __cleanuse CLEANDIRFILES

# __cleanuse is invoked with ${.ALLSRC} as the name of a variable
# (such as CLEANFILES or CLEANDIRFILES), or possibly a list of
# variable names.  ${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}}@} will be the list of
# files to delete.  (We pass the variable name, e.g. CLEANFILES,
# instead of the file names, e.g. ${CLEANFILES}, because we don't
# want make to replace any of the file names with the result of
# searching .PATH.)
# If the list of files is empty, then the commands
# reduce to "true", with an "@" prefix to prevent echoing.
# The use of :M* is needed to handle the case that CLEANFILES
# or CLEANDIRFILES is not completely empty but contains spaces.
# This can easily happen when CLEANFILES or CLEANDIRFILES is set
# from other variables that happen to be empty.)
# The use of :Q is needed to handle the case that CLEANFILES
# or CLEANDIRFILES contains quoted strings, such as
# CLEANFILES = "filename with spaces".
__cleanuse: .USE
.if 0	# print "# clean CLEANFILES" for debugging
	${"${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}:M*}@:Q}" == "":?@true:${_MKMSG} \
		"clean" ${.ALLSRC} }
.for _d in ${"${.OBJDIR}" == "${.CURDIR}" || "${MKCLEANSRC}" == "no" \
		:? ${.OBJDIR} \
		:  ${.OBJDIR} ${.CURDIR} }
	${"${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}:M*}@:Q}" == "":?@true: \
	    (cd ${_d} && rm -f ${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}}@} || true) }
.if "${MKCLEANVERIFY}" == "yes"
	@${"${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}:M*}@:Q}" == "":?true: \
	    bad="\$(cd ${_d} && ls -1d ${.ALLSRC:@v@${${v}}@} 2>/dev/null)"; \
	    if test -n "\$bad"; then \
	        echo "Failed to remove the following files from ${_d}:" ; \
	        echo "\$bad" | while read file ; do \
		    echo "	\$file" ; \
		done ; \
	        false ; \
	    fi }

# Don't automatically load ".depend" files during "make clean"
# or "make cleandir".
.if make(clean) || make(cleandir)
.MAKE.DEPENDFILE := .depend.no-such-file

.endif	# !defined(_BSD_CLEAN_MK)