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Revision 1.1, Thu Nov 15 23:51:53 2012 UTC (4 years, 9 months ago) by joerg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-pagecache-base9, yamt-pagecache-base8, yamt-pagecache-base7, tls-maxphys-base, tls-earlyentropy-base, tls-earlyentropy, riastradh-xf86-video-intel-2-7-1-pre-2-21-15, riastradh-drm2-base3, riastradh-drm2-base2, riastradh-drm2-base1, riastradh-drm2-base, riastradh-drm2, prg-localcount2-base3, prg-localcount2-base2, prg-localcount2-base1, prg-localcount2-base, prg-localcount2, pgoyette-localcount-base, pgoyette-localcount-20170426, pgoyette-localcount-20170320, pgoyette-localcount-20170107, pgoyette-localcount-20161104, pgoyette-localcount-20160806, pgoyette-localcount-20160726, pgoyette-localcount, perseant-stdc-iso10646-base, perseant-stdc-iso10646, netbsd-8-base, netbsd-8, netbsd-7-nhusb-base-20170116, netbsd-7-nhusb-base, netbsd-7-nhusb, netbsd-7-base, netbsd-7-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-RC2, netbsd-7-1-RC1, netbsd-7-1, netbsd-7-0-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-RC3, netbsd-7-0-RC2, netbsd-7-0-RC1, netbsd-7-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0, netbsd-7, localcount-20160914, bouyer-socketcan-base1, bouyer-socketcan-base, bouyer-socketcan, agc-symver-base, agc-symver, HEAD
Branch point for: yamt-pagecache, tls-maxphys

Move the build_install logic from lib/Makefile into share/mk and re-use
it for tools. The existing logic broke for the LLVM build with the
recent .ORDER changes in make.

#	$NetBSD: bsd.buildinstall.mk,v 1.1 2012/11/15 23:51:53 joerg Exp $

# build_install logic for src/Makefile
# Used by src/lib/Makefile and src/tools/Makefile.
# Compute a list of subdirectories delimited by .WAIT.
# Run "make dependall && make install" for all subdirectories in a group
# concurrently, but wait after each group.
.for dir in ${SUBDIR}
.  if ${dir} == ".WAIT"
.  else


.for group in ${SUBDIR_GROUPS}
.  if !empty(SUBDIR_GROUP.${group})
	${MAKEDIRTARGET} . ${SUBDIR_GROUP.${group}:C/^/dependall-/}
	${MAKEDIRTARGET} . ${SUBDIR_GROUP.${group}:C/^/install-/}
.  endif