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Diff for /src/share/misc/flowers between version 1.2 and 1.3

version 1.2, 1997/03/26 06:30:56 version 1.3, 2012/11/17 13:15:25
Line 7  African violet:Such worth is rare.
Line 7  African violet:Such worth is rare.
 Apple blossom:Preference.  Apple blossom:Preference.
 Bachelor's button:Celibacy.  Bachelor's button:Celibacy.
 Bay leaf:I change but in death.  Bay leaf:I change but in death.
 Camelia:Reflected loveliness.  Camellia:Reflected loveliness.
 Chrysanthemum, other color:Slighted love.  Chrysanthemum, other color:Slighted love.
 Chrysanthemum, red:I love.  Chrysanthemum, red:I love.
 Chrysanthemum, white:Truth.  Chrysanthemum, white:Truth.
Line 22  Ivy:Friendship, fidelity, marriage.
Line 22  Ivy:Friendship, fidelity, marriage.
 Jasmine:Amiablity, transports of joy, sensuality.  Jasmine:Amiablity, transports of joy, sensuality.
 Leaves (dead):Melancholy.  Leaves (dead):Melancholy.
 Lilac:Youthful innocence.  Lilac:Youthful innocence.
 Lilly of the valley:Return of happiness.  Lily of the valley:Return of happiness.
 Lilly:Purity, sweetness.  Lily:Purity, sweetness.
 Magnolia:Dignity, perseverance.  Magnolia:Dignity, perseverance.
 Marigold:Jealousy.  Marigold:Jealousy.
 Mint:Virtue.  Mint:Virtue.

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