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Revision 1.183, Sun Aug 24 23:12:10 2008 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by dholland
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.182: +5 -1 lines

Some additions from Jeremy Olexa in PR misc/39282.

$NetBSD: acronyms,v 1.183 2008/08/24 23:12:10 dholland Exp $
AFAIC	as far as I'm concerned
AFAICR	as far as I can recall
AFAICT	as far as I can tell
AFAIK	as far as I know
AFAIR	as far as I recall
AFAIU	as far as I understand
AFD	away from desktop
AFK	away from keyboard
AFU	all fucked up
AFW	away from window
AIU	as I understand
AIUI	as I understand it
AKA	also known as
ASAIC	as soon as I can
ASAP	as soon as possible
ATM	at the moment
AWOL	absent without official leave
AYBABTU	all your base are belong to us
AYT	are you there
B/C	because
B/S	bullshit
B/W	between
BBIAB	be back in a bit
BBL	[I'll] be back later
BBS	be back soon
BBT	be back tomorrow
BCNU	be seeing you
BCNUL8R	be seeing you later
BFD	big fucking deal
BFH	big fucking hammer
BIAB	back in a bit
BIAF	back in a few
BIALW	back in a little while
BIAS	back in a second
BIAW	back in a while
BOATILAS	bend over and take it like a slut
BOFH	bastard operator from hell
BOGAHICA	bend over, grab ankles, here it comes again
BOHICA	bend over here it comes again
BRB	[I'll] be right back
BS	bullshit
BTDT	been there, done that
BTTH	boot to the head
BTW	by the way
CFV	call for votes
CMIIW	correct me if I'm wrong
CNP	continued [in my] next post
COB	close of business [day]
COTS	commercial off-the-shelf
CYA	see you around
D/L	download
DGAS	don't give a shit
DIY	do it yourself
DKDC	don't know, don't care
DRY	don't repeat yourself
DSTM	don't shoot the messenger
DTRT	do the right thing
DTWT	do the wrong thing
DWIM	do what I mean
EG	evil grin
EMSG	email message
EOB	end of business [day]
EOD	end of discussion
EOL	end of life
ETA	estimated time of arrival
ETLA	extended three letter acronym
EWAG	experienced wild-ass guess
FAQ	frequently asked question
FCFS	first come first served
FFS	for fuck's sake
FIGJAM	fuck I'm good, just ask me
FIIK	fuck[ed] if I know
FIIR	fuck[ed] if I remember
FM	fucking magic
FOAD	{fuck off,fall over} and die
FOS	full of shit
FSDO	for some definition of
FSVO	for some value of
FTFM	fuck the fuckin' manual!
FTHOI	for the {heck,hell} of it
FTL	for the loss
FTW	for the win
FUBAR	fucked up beyond all recognition
FUD	fear, uncertainty and doubt
FWIW	for what it's worth
FYI	for your information
G	grin
G/C	garbage collect
GAC	get a clue
GAL	get a life
GIGO	garbage in, garbage out
GMTA	great minds think alike
GTFO	get the fuck out
GTG	got to go
GWS	get well soon
HAND	have a nice day
HHIS	hanging head in shame
HHOS	ha ha, only serious
HICA	here it comes again
HNY	happy new year
HTH	hope this helps
IAC	in any case
IANAL	I am not a lawyer
IC	I see
ICBW	I could be wrong
ICCL	I couldn't care less
IDK	I don't know
IHAFC	I haven't a fucking clue
IHBW	I have been wrong
IHNFC	I have no fucking clue
IIANM	if I am not mistaken
IIRC	if I recall correctly
IIUC	if I understand correctly
ILU	I love you
ILY	I love you
IMAO	in my arrogant opinion
IMCO	in my considered opinion
IMHO	in my humble opinion
IMNSHO	in my not so humble opinion
IMO	in my opinion
IOW	in other words
IRL	in real life
ISAGN	I see a great need
ISTM	it seems to me
ISTR	I seem to recall
ITYM	I think you mean
IWBNI	it would be nice if
IYSS	if you say so
IYSWIM	if you see what I mean
J/K	just kidding
JFW	just fucking works
JHD	just hit ``delete''
JIC	just in case
JK	just kidding
JMO	just my opinion
JSYK	just so you know
JTLYK	just to let you know
KISS	keep it simple, stupid
KITA	kick in the ass
KNF	kernel normal form
L8R	later
LART	luser attitude readjustment tool (ie, hammer)
LBNL	last but not least
LGTM	looks good to me
LJBF	let's just be friends
LMAO	laughing my ass off
LMSO	laughing my socks off
LOL	laughing out loud
LTNS	long time no see
MIA	missing in action
MOTAS	member of the appropriate sex
MOTOS	member of the opposite sex
MOTSS	member of the same sex
MTF	more to follow
MYOB	mind your own business
N/M	never mind
NBD	no big deal
NFC	no fucking clue
NFI	no fucking idea
NFW	no fucking way
NIFOC	naked in front of computer
NIH	not invented here
NMF	not my fault
NMP	not my problem
NOYB	none of your business
NOYFB	none of your fucking business
NP	no problem
NRFPT	not ready for prime time
NRN	no reply necessary
NSFW	not suitable for work
NVM	never mind
OIC	oh, I see
OMG	oh, my god
OMW	on my way
OOB	out of bounds
OT	off topic
OTL	out to lunch
OTOH	on the other hand
OTT	over the top
OTTOMH	off the top of my head
PDQ	pretty darn quick
PEBKAC	problem exists between keyboard and chair
PFO	please fuck off
PFY	pimply faced youth
PHB	pointy haired boss
PITA	pain in the ass
PKSP	pound keys and spew profanity
PNG	persona non grata
PNP	plug and pray
POC	point of contact
POC	proof of concept
POLA	principle of least astonishment
POLS	principle of least surprise
POS	piece of shit
PPL	pretty please
PTV	parental tunnel vision
QED	quod erat demonstrandum
RFC	request for comments
RFD	request for discussion
RFE	request for enhancements
RIP	rest in peace
RL	real life
RLC	rod length check
ROFL	rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO	rolling on floor laughing my ass off
ROTFL	rolling on the floor laughing
RP	responsible person
RSN	real soon now
RSVP	repondez s'il vous plait (please reply)
RTFB	read the fine/fucking book
RTFC	read the fine/fucking code
RTFD	read the fine/fucking documentation
RTFM	read the fine/fucking manual
RTFMP	read the fine/fucking man page
RTFS	read the fine/fucking source
SCNR	sorry, could not resist
SEP	someone else's problem
SFA	sweet fuck all
SHID	slaps head in disgust
SIMCA	sitting in my chair amused
SMLSFB	so many losers, so few bullets
SMOP	simple matter of programming
SNAFU	situation normal, all fucked up
SNERT	snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager
SNMP	sorry, not my problem
SNR	signal to noise ratio
SO	significant other
SOB	son of [a] bitch
SOL	shit out [of] luck
SOP	standard operating procedure
SSIA	subject says it all
SSTO	single stage to orbit
STFA	search the fucking archives
STFU	shut the fuck up
STFW	search the fucking web
SUS	stupid user syndrome
SUX	sucks
SUX2BU	sucks to be you
SWAG	silly, wild-assed guess
SWAHBI	silly, wild-assed hare-brained idea
SWFG	search with fucking google
SWMBO	she who must be obeyed
TANSTAAFL	there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TBC	to be continued
TBD	to be {decided,determined,done}
TBH	to be honest
TBOMK	the best of my knowledge
THNX	thanks
THX	thanks
TIA	thanks in advance
TIAVP	this is a volunteer project
TINC	there is no cabal
TLA	three letter acronym
TLC	tender loving care
TLDR	too long, didn't read
TMA	too many abbreviations
TMI	too much information
TMTOWTDI	there's more than one way to do it
TNF	The NetBSD Foundation
TOEFL	test of english as a foreign language
TPTB	the powers that be
TRT	the right thing
TTBOMK	to the best of my knowledge
TTFN	ta ta for now
TTYL	talk to you later
TWIAVBP	the world is a very big place
TY	thank you
TYVM	thank you very much
U/L	upload
UTSL	use the source, Luke
VEG	very evil grin
W/	with
W/O	without
WAG	wild-ass guess
WB	welcome back
WFH	working from home
WFM	works for me
WIBNI	wouldn't it be nice if
WIP	work in progress
WOFTAM	waste of fucking time and money
WOMBAT	waste of money, brain, and time
WRT	with respect to
WTF	{what,when,where,who,why} the fuck
WTFRUD	what the fuck are you doing
WTH	{what,when,where,who,why} the hell
WYSIWYG	what you see is what you get
YALIMO	you are lame, in my opinion
YHBT	you have been trolled
YHL	you have lost
YKWIM	you know what I mean
YMA	yo momma's ass
YMMV	your mileage may vary
YW	you're welcome