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[TXT] Makefile  1.20   19 years  fvdl   Remove getopt from the Makefile too.
[TXT] acronyms   18 years  thorpej   Pull up rev. 1.63: add RFC
[TXT] airport   18 years  he   Pull up revision 1.15 (requested by simonb): Update Bangkok airport, and add s...
[TXT] ascii   25 years  cgd   initial import of 386bsd-0.1 sources
[TXT] birthtoken   21 years  mikel   import 4.4BSD-Lite2 versions
[TXT] bsd-family-tree   18 years  itojun   pullup 1.5 -> 1.6 (approved by releng-1-5) sync with FreeBSD share/misc/bsd-fami...
[TXT] country   18 years  tv   Pullup 1.6 [hubertf]: Correct comment describing format of this file (missing "<...
[TXT] domains  1.3   18 years  hubertf   branches: 1.3.6; Use "uk" for the United Kingdom, not "gb". (there's only one ...
[TXT] eqnchar  1.2   20 years  perry   RCS Id Police.
[TXT] flowers  1.2   21 years  mikel   branches: 1.2.68; 1.2.74; merge lite-2 changes
[TXT]  1.3   18 years  lukem   change from -di8 to -di0 (the indentation, in character positions, from a declar...
[TXT]  1.12   18 years  jdolecek   branches: 1.12.4; g/c Czechoslovakia as it doesn't exist anymore, add correct e...
[TXT] language  1.1   19 years  christos   Import country and language iso codes from my work database.
[TXT] man.template  1.3   20 years  lukem   add SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS
[TXT] mdoc.template  1.3   20 years  lukem   add SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS
[TXT]  1.13   19 years  christos   branches: 1.13.6; Resolve conflicts
[TXT] operator   25 years  cgd   initial import of 386bsd-0.1 sources
[TXT] style  1.14   18 years  lukem   add example on how to printf 64 bit quantities
[TXT] zipcodes  1.5   21 years  mikel   merge lite-2 changes

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