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[TXT] Makefile  1.38   3 years  mrg   set FILESBUILD_acronyms-o=yes so that non BUILD= builds work. from christos.
[TXT] NetBSD.el  1.6   9 years  uwe   Add c-backslash-max-column - its default value of 72 is less than what we set fo...
[TXT] acronyms  1.274   8 weeks  riastradh   Add a topical acronym for this week: GDPR.
[TXT] acronyms-o.fake  1.1   3 years  christos   Split acronyms to offensive and non-offensive like fortunes.
[TXT] acronyms-o.real  1.6   8 months  pgoyette   Add "HFIC" and "HSIC" - as seen on IRC recently.
[TXT] acronyms.comp  1.212   2 weeks  maya   Add EBDA.
[TXT] airport  1.67   10 months  mbalmer   Fix COC.
[TXT] ascii  1.4   5 months  pgoyette   Revert previous changes due to popular demand. Instead, add a note at the botto...
[TXT] birthtoken   21 years  mikel   import 4.4BSD-Lite2 versions
[TXT] bsd-family-tree  1.68   33 hours  martin   Add 8.0 release date in history table (but no "graphical" representation yet).
[TXT] country  1.16   5 years  ginsbach   Regenerate to handle changes since 2009-12-14 (Newsletters VI-7 thru VI-13)
[TXT] domains  1.8   5 years  rodent   +sx Sint Maarten -yu Yugoslavia; deprecated on 2010-03-30 [1] [1]: http://web.a...
[TXT] domains.sed  1.3   10 years  hubertf   Fix the update-domains target: update domains.sed to parse new HTML structure, a...
[TXT] eqnchar  1.2   20 years  perry   RCS Id Police.
[TXT] flowers  1.3   5 years  mbalmer   Correct spelling of "Lily" and "Camellia". From FreeBSD.
[TXT]  1.3   18 years  lukem   change from -di8 to -di0 (the indentation, in character positions, from a declar...
[TXT]  1.30   5 months  wiz   Convert from iso-8859-1 to utf-8. Suggested by Eitan Adler in PR 52...
[TXT] language  1.4   4 years  mbalmer   reformat comment
[TXT]  1.2   5 years  ginsbach   - Fix broken links (ISO web site reorganized). Script now works again. - Use a ...
[TXT] man.template  1.3   20 years  lukem   add SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS
[TXT] mdoc.template  1.7   16 years  yamt   change section order. (CAVEATS before BUGS) suggested by Thomas Klausner in priv...
[TXT]  1.19   8 years  mrg   update this a little bit.
[TXT]  1.1   15 years  jhawk   From (rev 1.17): our local customizations that are not in the NANPA dat...
[TXT] na.postal  1.1   15 years  tsarna   North American postal region codes table. These are the two letter "State or Pr...
[TXT] nanpa.awk  1.2   15 years  jhawk   Note todo item (overlay/split info for non-future areacodes)
[TXT] nanpa.sed  1.2   11 years  wiz   Spell "separate" correctly. From Zafer Aydogan.
[TXT] operator  1.4   7 years  uwe   Bring over improvements from FreeBSD. List all of the assignment operators ex...
[TXT] style  1.53   2 years  salazar   fix spelling mistakes
[TXT]  1.3   4 years  mbalmer   add a nice CVS marker
[TXT] zipcodes  1.8   6 years  pgoyette   Add another missing zipcode - this is where I live!

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