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Revision 1.3, Sun Sep 16 16:34:27 2001 UTC (20 years, 1 month ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +1 -1 lines

Spell 'occurred' with two 'r's.

2.29	5 May 98
-- Change superscript strings to \*{ and \*} so they work with groff.

2.28	12 May 86
-- Fix footnotes if no -rv flag specified

2.27	17 Apr 86
-- Assume non-C/A/T typesetters -- use -rv2 to get old function

2.26	27 Mar 86
-- Always go into fill mode in .sh; necessary to get output format

2.25	3 Mar 86
-- Drop basic unit scaling on .sz and .ps requests; this confuses some
   versions of troff.

2.24	7 Jan 86
-- Merge ditroff and troff versions.
-- Add support for pic, gremlin, and ideal.
-- Add .lh macro to print a letterhead.
-- Adjust .bi (bold italics) to be more device resolution independent.

2.23	23 Jun 85
-- Allow .]< to initialize refer macros (as well as .]-).

2.22	27 Apr 85
-- Fix incorrect comment strip in $p macro.
-- Drop into fill mode in .TS so that text boxes will work properly.

2.21	4 Mar 85
-- Change \*- macro from \- to \(em in troff.
-- Change block indent (\n(bi) from 4n to 4m to look better in troff.

2.20	18 Feb 85
-- Don't reset ii register in .bu or .np

2.19	14 Feb 85
-- add .bu and .sm macros (bullet and smaller).
-- have .np take a fixed .ip width.

2.18	14 Feb 85
-- Avoid cut marks on laser printers.

2.17	14 Feb 85
-- Some bug fixes as reported from many places.

2.16	11 Oct 84
-- Improve some tracing.
-- Minor improvements from rrh.

2.15	10 Apr 83
-- Fix a name conflict between .sh and floating keeps (as suggested
   by Hy Murviet).

2.14	28 Dec 81
-- Integrate the refer macros into -me.  This is basically a cheap
   and dirty modification of the -ms version, and is probably not
   terribly compatible with the usual -me standards.  This can be
   tuned later if needed.

2.13	22 Dec 81
-- Allow the -rb<x> flag to set the font you want for bold font --
   set it to font <x>.  Default 2 (italic) in nroff, 3 (bold) in

2.12	20 Mar 81
-- Remove silly "." at top of page on dumb terminals -- lpr is smarter

2.11	19 Mar 81
-- Fixed indexes to indent on second line.

2.10	26 Feb 81
-- Improvement to nested index solution, now works for ()b & ()z.

2.9	10 Dec 80
-- More stuff to make indices inside keeps work correctly.

2.8	10 Nov 80
-- Had .)c do a .br to insure that the final line is forced out.

2.7	24 Sep 80
-- Fixed bug in 2.6

2.6	23 Sep 80
-- Fixed problem introduced by 2.2 which occurred in footnotes and
   index entries in filled keeps

2.5	29 Aug 80
-- Changed umlaut to not be so tricky -- it seems to backfire.

2.4	25 Aug 80
-- Fixed bug in indices caused by 2.2.

2.3	20 Aug 80
-- Fixed bug in footnotes caused by 2.2.
-- Changed temp file names that macros that do dynamic loading rename
   themselves to.  For example, if you say '.TS ... .(f' when both of
   them have been used for the first time, the @T macro got used twice.

2.2	18 Aug 80
-- Suspended footnote & index processing until final output
   (so that they will work properly in keeps).

2.1	18 Aug 80
-- Release 2.  No changes.

Mod 28	18 Aug 80
-- If \nv is set on entry, handle .po differently (for vtroff).
-- Allow ".nr fi 0".

Mod 27	30 Jun 80
-- Put in a cludge to try to make multi-columned output work
   with wide floating keeps.  Moves all wide keeps to the top
   of the next real page.

Mod 26	9 Nov 79
-- Fixed footnote bug that caused the first line of footnotes
   that were broken across a page to be indented.

Mod 25	1 Oct 79
-- Fixed footnote bug that caused footnotes invoked at the
   top of pages to come out in bold font.
-- Fixed equation bug that caused equations at the top of
   page to be improperly centered.

Mod 24	27 Sep 79
-- Changed delimiter in all \w's to " from ', to allow for
   apostrophes in labels.
-- Increased footnote fudge factor.
-- Changed \x factor in \*[ & \*< to be one half previous value.

Mod 23	24 Aug 79
-- Changed .ip to start new line if the tag is too long for
   the space provided.

Mod 22	11 Jul 79
-- Changed .ac to handle new paper (with second parameter
   == "*").

Mod 21	24 Apr 79
-- Changed \*[ and \*< to use \x -- to avoid line overlap.

Mod 20	6 Apr 79
-- Changed 12-pitch DTC terminals to still space 1/6 inch (instead
   of 1/8 inch), unless the 'x' register is non-zero -- do-able with
   the -rx1 option on the nroff command line.

Mod 19	28 Mar 79
-- Had .ep do a .rs, to avoid occasional problems (like with
   .+c (again).
-- Added the 'X' register: if non-zero on startup on a 12-pitch
   terminal, it outputs 6 LPI instead of 8 LPI.

Mod 18	26 Mar 79
-- Had .+c reset indent, to solve problems of prelim material
   after a .ip (as with references)

Mod 17	19 Mar 79
-- Fixed a bug in .++ which caused it to renumber pages incorrectly,
   the result of nroff starting a new page immediately upon reaching
   the end of the previous page (damn!).

Mod 16	8 Mar 79
-- Fixed a bug in .++ which caused it to change page number formats
   before forcing out the page.
-- Changed tmac.e so that extra '.so's to the package will next to
-- Changed .sh so that a title of "_" will cause section depth change
   side-effects only (base indent will remain the same, and no output
   will occur).

Mod 15a	7 Mar 79
-- Fixed a bug in Mod 15 which caused .ip's to fail.

Mod 15	2 Mar 79
-- Changed .@p to do paragraph indents normally in keeps, which
   will override the indent parameter in keeps with paragraph
   forms in them (use .ba to fix this).

Mod 14	23 Feb 79
-- Fixed .ip so it would hyphenate correctly.

Mod 13	16 Feb 79
-- Added .rs before eqn title output to fix vertical centering

Mod 12	15 Feb 79
-- Changed NROFF bold font to be regular .ul (.cu is a pain).
-- Changed .sh to output regular spaces instead of unpaddable
-- Fixed bug in .1c with bad line length (didn't reset \n($l).

Mod 11	13 Feb 79
-- Added hook to .$c to call .$C (for index entries or whatever).

Mod 10	12 Feb 79
-- Had .xp print in current environment and not reset to single
   spacing, to allow more control over output format.

Mod 9	26 Dec 78
-- Fixed yet another problem with equation spacing.

Mod 8	18 Dec 78
-- Fixed .@q to solve a problem with \n(dn getting lost on
   equations at top of page.

Mod 7	11 Dec 78
-- Had .@q (equation output) move to end of equation after
   equation output (eqn doesn't seem to space quite right).

Mod 6	27 Nov 78
-- Fixed the umlaut on DTC output to be prettier.

Mod 5	5 Nov 78
-- Fixed a bug with the second parameter to .ip.

Mod 4	2 Nov 78
-- Added .uh command (unnumbered heading).
-- Changed .$p and .sh accordingly.

Mod 3	2 Oct 78
-- Fixed .ne command in .$p (print section headings).

Mod 2	25 Sep 78
-- Changed .np to use () instead of [].

Mod 1	12 Sep 78
-- Fixed footnote fudge factor (curse NROFF!!)
-- Put "needs" on .(z, .)z.

Mod 0	11 Sep 78