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[DIR] CVS/        
[DIR] man8.acorn26/        
[DIR] man8.acorn32/        
[DIR] man8.algor/        
[DIR] man8.alpha/        
[DIR] man8.amd64/        
[DIR] man8.amiga/        
[DIR] man8.arc/        
[DIR] man8.arm26/        
[DIR] man8.arm32/        
[DIR] man8.atari/        
[DIR] man8.bebox/        
[DIR] man8.cats/        
[DIR] man8.cesfic/        
[DIR] man8.cobalt/        
[DIR] man8.dreamcast/        
[DIR] man8.emips/        
[DIR] man8.evbarm/        
[DIR] man8.evbmips/        
[DIR] man8.evbppc/        
[DIR] man8.evbsh3/        
[DIR] man8.evbsh5/        
[DIR] man8.hp300/        
[DIR] man8.hp700/        
[DIR] man8.hpcarm/        
[DIR] man8.hpcmips/        
[DIR] man8.hpcsh/        
[DIR] man8.hppa/        
[DIR] man8.i386/        
[DIR] man8.ibmnws/        
[DIR] man8.luna68k/        
[DIR] man8.mac68k/        
[DIR] man8.macppc/        
[DIR] man8.mipsco/        
[DIR] man8.mmeye/        
[DIR] man8.mvme68k/        
[DIR] man8.mvmeppc/        
[DIR] man8.netwinder/        
[DIR] man8.news68k/        
[DIR] man8.newsmips/        
[DIR] man8.next68k/        
[DIR] man8.ofppc/        
[DIR] man8.pc532/        
[DIR] man8.playstation2/        
[DIR] man8.pmax/        
[DIR] man8.pmppc/        
[DIR] man8.prep/        
[DIR] man8.sandpoint/        
[DIR] man8.sbmips/        
[DIR] man8.sgimips/        
[DIR] man8.shark/        
[DIR] man8.sparc/        
[DIR] man8.sparc64/        
[DIR] man8.sun2/        
[DIR] man8.sun3/        
[DIR] man8.sun3x/        
[DIR] man8.tahoe/        
[DIR] man8.vax/        
[DIR] man8.walnut/        
[DIR] man8.x68k/        
[DIR] man8.x86/        
[DIR] man8.x86_64/        
[TXT] Makefile  1.93   12 years  elad   Following input from Matthew Mondor, some Veriexec documentation changes: - D...
[TXT] compat_linux.8  1.36   13 years  wiz   branches: 1.36.28; Add comma in enumeration.
[TXT] afterboot.8  1.34   12 years  pavel   Update URLs after website reorganization. patch by OKANO Takayoshi, from PR 3707...
[TXT] rc.8  1.30   13 years  apb   branches: 1.30.10; 1.30.12; * Add a stop_boot() function in rc.subr, to termin...
[TXT] diskless.8  1.29   14 years  elad   branches: 1.29.40; PR/29858: Miles Nordin: diskless(8) man page is wrong about ...
[TXT] MAKEDEV.8  1.28   12 years  simonb   branches: 1.28.4; Remove support for NetBSD/pc532.
[TXT] compat_ultrix.8  1.19   17 years  wiz   branches: 1.19.56; Uppercase MIPS. Igor Sobrado, PR 19678.
[TXT] compat_sunos.8  1.18   16 years  agc   Modify the licences of code written by Theo De Raadt from a 4-clause to a 2-clau...
[TXT] rc.subr.8  1.18   12 years  ad   branches: 1.18.4; 1.18.6; Remove systrace. Ok core@.
[TXT] MAKEDEV.8.template  1.16   12 years  apb   branches: 1.16.4; When MAKEDEV creates a memory file system, let it try mount_t...
[TXT] compat_freebsd.8  1.13   18 years  ross   branches: 1.13.58; Generate <>& symbolically. I'm avoiding .../dist/... directo...
[TXT] MAKEDEV2manpage.awk  1.11   15 years  wiz   Update for rename of verifiedexec to veriexec.
[TXT] intro.8  1.9   17 years  agc   Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence. Patches provided by J...
[TXT] compat_30.8  1.7   12 years  pavel   branches: 1.7.4; 1.7.6; Note the socket(2) syscall change.
[TXT] compat_netbsd32.8  1.7   14 years  jschauma   branches: 1.7.20; 1.7.22; 1.7.24; Note that one also needs EXEC_ELF32 in addi...
[TXT] boot.8  1.6   12 years  apb   Synchronise shared text between man8/boot.8, man8/man8.i386/boot.8, man8/man8.i3...
[TXT] MAKEDEV.local.8  1.5   12 years  apb   branches: 1.5.4; In MAKEDEV.tmpl: * Add a nooutput function to be used instead ...
[TXT]  1.5   14 years  dbj   add missing quote in subshell invocation. bash complains without it.
[TXT] hpcboot.8  1.5   15 years  wiz   branches: 1.5.86; Drop trailing space.
[TXT] wizd.8  1.5   15 years  wiz   branches: 1.5.20; 1.5.22; Sort sections.
[TXT] pam.8  1.3   15 years  wiz   branches: 1.3.26; 1.3.28; Remove duplicate "in .Nx" noted by dieter on current...
[TXT] nis.8  1.2   15 years  thorpej   Correct rpc.yppasswdd options.
[TXT] veriexec.8  1.1   12 years  elad   branches: 1.1.4; Following input from Matthew Mondor, some Veriexec documentati...

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