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Diff for /src/share/man/man7/sysctl.7 between version 1.65 and 1.66

version 1.65, 2011/08/27 09:06:58 version 1.66, 2011/09/24 00:08:05
Line 29 
Line 29 
 .\"  .\"
 .\"     @(#)sysctl.3    8.4 (Berkeley) 5/9/95  .\"     @(#)sysctl.3    8.4 (Berkeley) 5/9/95
 .\"  .\"
 .Dd August 27, 2011  .Dd September 9, 2011
 .Os  .Os
Line 356  privilege may change the value.
Line 356  privilege may change the value.
 .It kern.timecounter    node    not applicable  .It kern.timecounter    node    not applicable
 .It kern.timex  struct  no  .It kern.timex  struct  no
 .It kern.tkstat node    not applicable  .It kern.tkstat node    not applicable
   .It kern.tty    node    not applicable
 .It kern.urandom        integer no  .It kern.urandom        integer no
 .It kern.usercrypto     integer yes  .It kern.usercrypto     integer yes
 .It kern.userasymcrypto integer yes  .It kern.userasymcrypto integer yes
Line 1048  The total number of output characters.
Line 1049  The total number of output characters.
 .It Li kern.tkstat.rawcc ( KERN_TKSTAT_RAWCC )  .It Li kern.tkstat.rawcc ( KERN_TKSTAT_RAWCC )
 The number of raw input characters.  The number of raw input characters.
 .El  .El
   .It Li kern.tty
   The third level names for the tty setup variables are detailed below.
   The changeable column shows whether a process
   with appropriate privilege may change the value.
   .Bl -column "kern.tty.qsize" "int" "Changeable" -offset indent
   .It Sy Third level name Type    Changeable
   .It kern.tty.qsize      int     yes
   The variables are as follows:
   .Bl -tag -width "123456"
   .It Li kern.tty.qsize
   Control/display the size of the default input and output queues selected
   during tty creation.
   Is converted to a power of two and its range is between
   .Dv 1024
   .Dv 65536 .
 .It Li kern.urandom ( KERN_URND )  .It Li kern.urandom ( KERN_URND )
 Random integer value.  Random integer value.
 .It Li kern.usercrypto  .It Li kern.usercrypto

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