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Diff for /src/share/man/man7/sysctl.7 between version 1.50 and 1.51

version 1.50, 2010/07/31 02:04:45 version 1.51, 2010/08/06 18:36:09
Line 29 
Line 29 
 .\"  .\"
 .\"     @(#)sysctl.3    8.4 (Berkeley) 5/9/95  .\"     @(#)sysctl.3    8.4 (Berkeley) 5/9/95
 .\"  .\"
 .Dd July 31, 2010  .Dd August 6, 2010
 .Os  .Os
Line 239  privilege may change the value.
Line 239  privilege may change the value.
 .Bl -column "kern.posix_reader_writer_locks" \  .Bl -column "kern.posix_reader_writer_locks" \
 "struct kinfo_drivers" "not applicable"  "struct kinfo_drivers" "not applicable"
 .It Sy Second level name        Type    Changeable  .It Sy Second level name        Type    Changeable
   .It kern.aio_listio_max integer yes
   .It kern.aio_max        integer yes
 .It kern.arandom        integer no  .It kern.arandom        integer no
 .It kern.argmax integer no  .It kern.argmax integer no
 .It kern.boothowto      integer no  .It kern.boothowto      integer no
Line 296  privilege may change the value.
Line 298  privilege may change the value.
 .It kern.pipe   node    not applicable  .It kern.pipe   node    not applicable
 .\" .It kern.posix      node    not applicable  .\" .It kern.posix      node    not applicable
 .It kern.posix1version  integer no  .It kern.posix1version  integer no
   .It kern.posix_aio      integer no
 .It kern.posix_barriers integer no  .It kern.posix_barriers integer no
 .It kern.posix_reader_writer_locks      integer no  .It kern.posix_reader_writer_locks      integer no
 .\".It kern.posix_sched integer yes  .\".It kern.posix_sched integer yes
Line 329  privilege may change the value.
Line 332  privilege may change the value.
 .It kern.vnode  struct vnode    no  .It kern.vnode  struct vnode    no
 .El  .El
 .Bl -tag -width "123456"  .Bl -tag -width "123456"
   .It Li kern.aio_listio_max
   The maximum number of asynchronous
   .Tn I/O
   operations in a single list I/O call.
   Like with all variables related to
   .Xr aio 3 ,
   the variable may be created and removed dynamically
   upon loading or unloading the corresponding kernel module.
   .It Li kern.aio_max
   The maximum number of asynchronous I/O operations.
 .It Li kern.arandom  .It Li kern.arandom
 This variable picks a random number each time it is queried.  This variable picks a random number each time it is queried.
 The used random number generator  The used random number generator
Line 784  Number of "big" pipes.
Line 797  Number of "big" pipes.
 .It Li kern.posix1version ( KERN_POSIX1 )  .It Li kern.posix1version ( KERN_POSIX1 )
 The version of ISO/IEC 9945 (POSIX 1003.1) with which the system  The version of ISO/IEC 9945 (POSIX 1003.1) with which the system
 attempts to comply.  attempts to comply.
   .It Li kern.posix_aio
   The version of
   .St -p1003.1
   and its Asynchronous I/O option to which the system attempts to conform.
 .It Li kern.posix_barriers ( KERN_POSIX_BARRIERS )  .It Li kern.posix_barriers ( KERN_POSIX_BARRIERS )
 The version of  The version of
 .St -p1003.1  .St -p1003.1

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