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Diff for /src/share/man/man7/sysctl.7 between version 1.43 and 1.44

version 1.43, 2010/04/20 07:33:45 version 1.44, 2010/04/20 07:58:16
Line 239  privilege may change the value.
Line 239  privilege may change the value.
 .Bl -column "kern.posix_reader_writer_locks" \  .Bl -column "kern.posix_reader_writer_locks" \
 "struct kinfo_drivers" "not applicable"  "struct kinfo_drivers" "not applicable"
 .It Sy Second level name        Type    Changeable  .It Sy Second level name        Type    Changeable
 .\".It kern.arandom     integer no  .It kern.arandom        integer no
 .It kern.argmax integer no  .It kern.argmax integer no
 .It kern.autonicetime   integer yes  
 .It kern.autoniceval    integer yes  
 .It kern.boothowto      integer no  .It kern.boothowto      integer no
 .It kern.boottime       struct timeval  no  .It kern.boottime       struct timeval  no
 .\".It kern.bufq        node    not applicable  .\".It kern.bufq        node    not applicable
Line 330  privilege may change the value.
Line 328  privilege may change the value.
 .It kern.vnode  struct vnode    no  .It kern.vnode  struct vnode    no
 .El  .El
 .Bl -tag -width "123456"  .Bl -tag -width "123456"
 .\".It Li kern.arandom  .It Li kern.arandom
 .\" XXX: Undocumented.  This variable picks a random number each time it is queried.
   The used random number generator
   .Pq Tn RNG
   is based on
   .Xr arc4random 3 .
 .It Li kern.argmax ( KERN_ARGMAX )  .It Li kern.argmax ( KERN_ARGMAX )
 The maximum bytes of argument to  The maximum bytes of argument to
 .Xr execve 2 .  .Xr execve 2 .
 .\" XXX: Is kern.autonicetime still available?  
 .It Li kern.autonicetime ( KERN_AUTONICETIME )  
 The number of seconds of CPU-time a non-root process may accumulate before  
 having its priority lowered from the default to the value of KERN_AUTONICEVAL.  
 If set to 0, automatic lowering of priority is not performed, and if set to \-1  
 all non-root processes are immediately lowered.  
 .\" XXX: Is kern.autoniceval still available?  
 .It Li kern.autoniceval ( KERN_AUTONICEVAL )  
 The priority assigned for automatically niced processes.  
 .It Li kern.boothowto  .It Li kern.boothowto
 Flags passed from the boot loader; see  Flags passed from the boot loader; see
 .Xr reboot 2  .Xr reboot 2

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