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Diff for /src/share/man/man7/hier.7 between version 1.80 and 1.81

version 1.80, 2008/01/09 11:26:13 version 1.81, 2008/05/22 12:51:43
Line 29 
Line 29 
 .\"  .\"
 .\"     @(#)hier.7      8.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/94  .\"     @(#)hier.7      8.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/94
 .\"  .\"
 .Dd July 11, 2007  .Dd May 22, 2008
 .Dt HIER 7  .Dt HIER 7
 .Os  .Os
Line 628  how to use the built software.)
Line 628  how to use the built software.)
 .It Sy etc/  .It Sy etc/
 source (usually example files) for files in  source (usually example files) for files in
 .Pa /etc  .Pa /etc
   .It Sy external/
   source for programs from external third parties
   is the not the primary maintainer),
   grouped by license, and then products per license
   .Bl -tag -width "bsd/" -compact
   .It Sy bsd/
   BSD (or equivalent) licensed software,
   possibly with the
   .Dq advertising clause
 .It Sy games/  .It Sy games/
 source for utilities/files in  source for utilities/files in
 .Pa /usr/games  .Pa /usr/games

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