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Diff for /src/share/man/man7/hier.7 between version and 1.100

version, 2012/06/23 22:54:56 version 1.100, 2012/04/21 12:27:29
Line 29 
Line 29 
 .\"  .\"
 .\"     @(#)hier.7      8.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/94  .\"     @(#)hier.7      8.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/94
 .\"  .\"
 .Dd June 3, 2012  .Dd April 5, 2012
 .Dt HIER 7  .Dt HIER 7
 .Os  .Os
Line 321  database form of master.passwd file; see
Line 321  database form of master.passwd file; see
 .Xr syslogd 8  .Xr syslogd 8
 configuration file; see  configuration file; see
 .Xr syslog.conf 5  .Xr syslog.conf 5
 .It Sy termcap  
 terminal type database; see  
 .Xr termcap 3  
 .It Sy ttys  .It Sy ttys
 terminal initialization information; see  terminal initialization information; see
 .Xr ttys 5  .Xr ttys 5
Line 572  macro package
Line 569  macro package
 .It Sy misc/  .It Sy misc/
 miscellaneous system-wide text files  miscellaneous system-wide text files
 .Pp  .Pp
 <<<<<<< hier.7  .Bl -tag -width "terminfo.db" -compact
 .Bl -tag -width "termcap" -compact  
 .It Sy termcap  
 .Bl -tag -width "terminfo.cdb" -compact  
 .It Sy terminfo  .It Sy terminfo
 >>>>>>> 1.101  
 terminal characteristics database;  terminal characteristics database;
 see  see
 <<<<<<< hier.7  
 .Xr termcap 5  
 .Xr terminfo 5  .Xr terminfo 5
 .It Sy terminfo.cdb  .It Sy terminfo.db
 database form of terminfo file; see  database form of terminfo file; see
 .Xr tic 1  .Xr tic 1
 >>>>>>> 1.101  
 .El  .El
 .Pp  .Pp
 .It Sy mk/  .It Sy mk/
Line 603  message catalogs; see
Line 591  message catalogs; see
 .Xr catgets 3  .Xr catgets 3
 .It Sy skel/  .It Sy skel/
 sample initialization files for new user accounts  sample initialization files for new user accounts
 .It Sy tabset/  
 tab description files for a variety of terminals, used in  
 the termcap file;  
 .Xr termcap 5  
 .It Sy tmac/  .It Sy tmac/
 text processing macros;  text processing macros;
 see  see

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