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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] environ.7  1.27   3 years  kre   Document EDITRC
[TXT] pkgsrc.7  1.6   10 years  wiz   Add "The pkgsrc developers" to guide authors.
[TXT] signal.7  1.25   2 years  uwe   Avoid widowed signal numbers.
[TXT] glob.7  1.3   10 years  uwe   Be consistent in using (fixed width font) literals.
[TXT] sysctl.7  1.142   15 months  nia   Document usage of KERN_ARND
[TXT] release.7  1.38   3 years  leot   Document xetc.tgz installation set. Thanks to <wiz> for the review!
[TXT] Makefile  1.34   12 months  riastradh   Draft man pages for the standard users and groups. These are currently listed i...
[TXT] users.7  1.4   11 months  kim   Fix .Dt to match installed section
[TXT] hier.7  1.138   13 months  maya   Fix markup typo.
[TXT] c.7  1.14   6 years  riastradh   Merge riastradh-drm2 to HEAD.
[TXT] intro.7  1.28   12 months  wiz   Minor fixes.
[TXT] orders.7  1.6   9 years  jruoho   Note also common bit rates.
[TXT] src.7  1.15   2 years  maxv   Remove ISDN from the kernel. It has remained unmaintained for a long time, is of...
[TXT] symlink.7  1.29   23 months  maxv   Remove compat_osf1, discussed on tech-kern@.
[TXT] mailaddr.7  1.14   10 years  jruoho   Remove dead references to sendmail(8).
[TXT] rfc6056.7  1.4   8 years  wiz   Remove weird markup.
[TXT] operator.7  1.12   3 years  wiz   Remove workaround for ancient HTML generation code.
[TXT] security.7  1.15   3 years  wiz   Remove workaround for ancient HTML generation code.
[TXT] hostname.7  1.13   8 years  wiz   Replace references to resolver(5) with ones to resolv.conf(5). From patch by Bu...
[TXT] module.7  1.7   3 years  wiz   Revert probably unintentional case changes from previous. Remove superfluous Tn....
[TXT] ascii.7  1.15   15 months  christos   Sync with FreeBSD which capitalizes the control character names, and adds a bina...
[TXT] groups.7  1.7   11 months  kim   Typo fix (remove extra TPM)
[TXT] script.7  1.6   10 years  joerg   Use .In instead of .Aq Pa for header files.
[TXT] sticky.7  1.6   9 years  jruoho   Use .Ss.
[TXT] nls.7  1.15   11 years  joerg   Use semantic markup.
[TXT] tests.atf.7  1.7   5 years  jnemeth   typo from Timo Buhrmester
[TXT] tests.kyua.7  1.7   5 years  jnemeth   typo from Timo Buhrmester
[TXT] setuid.7  1.8   13 months  nia   when referring to the "user"/"operator"/"network manager": he -> they

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