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[TXT] queue.3  1.42   13 years  mschuett   branches: 1.42.6; 1.42.12; Add queue macros SLIST_FOREACH_SAFE, STAILQ_FOREACH...
[TXT] Makefile  1.33   13 years  perry   add missing MLINKS for bitstring.3
[TXT] dlfcn.3  1.23   13 years  joerg   .Ud doesn't take arguments.
[TXT] intro.3  1.22   13 years  joerg   Remove use of .Xo/.Xc to workaround ancient macro argument limit.
[TXT] sysexits.3  1.3   13 years  joerg   Fix preamble to match order set out by mdoc(7). Discussed with wiz.
[TXT] tree.3  1.5   13 years  dholland   Document that the element argument of RB_REMOVE must be present in the tree. Min...
[TXT] bits.3  1.3   13 years  jnemeth   branches: 1.3.2; PR/39381 - Taylor R Campbell -- missing line break causing fun...
[TXT] CMSG_DATA.3  1.2   13 years  christos   branches: 1.2.2; and adjust it to our liking.
[TXT] _DIAGASSERT.3  1.8   14 years  martin   Convert TNF licenses to new 2 clause variant
[TXT] gcq.3  1.1   14 years  kiyohara   Replace to Matthew Orgass's slhci(4).
[TXT] assert.3  1.13   15 years  wiz   Sort SEE ALSO.
[TXT] end.3  1.8   16 years  kleink   In the wake of C99 (which dropped the implicit int), add a type specifier to the...
[TXT] bitstring.3  1.13   17 years  wiz   branches: 1.13.50; 1.13.56; Quote dot at beginning of line, otherwise it will ...
[TXT] stdarg.3  1.18   18 years  wiz   Use St -isoC-9X instead of St -isoC9X, to be in sync with groff.
[TXT] varargs.3 (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.6   18 years  agc   Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence. Patches provided by J...

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