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Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines

new doc set from Lite

HALT	2.2	Produce control flow backtrace
BEG s,W,w,"	2.2,1.8	Write second part of block mark, enter block
END	2.2,1.8	End block execution
CALL l,A	2.2,1.8	Procedure or function call
NODUMP s,W,w,"	2.2	\s-2BEG\s0 main program, suppress dump
PUSH s	2.2,1.9	Clear space (for function result)
POP s	2.2,1.9	Pop (arguments) off stack
LINO s	2.2	Set line number, count statements
TRA a	2.2	Short control transfer (local branching)
TRA4 A	2.2	Long control transfer
GOTO l,A	2.2,1.8	Non-local goto statement
IF a	2.3	Conditional transfer
REL* r	2.3	Relational test yielding Boolean result
AND	2.4	Boolean and
OR	2.4	Boolean or
NOT	2.4	Boolean not
LRV* l,A	2.5	Right value (load) operators
RV* l,a	2.5	Right value (load) operators
CON* v	2.5	Load constant operators
AS*	2.5	Assignment operators
OFF s	2.5	Offset address, typically used for field reference
INX* s,w,w	2.6	Subscripting (indexing) operator
NIL	2.6	Assert non-nil pointer
LLV l,W	2.6	Address of operator
LV l,w	2.6	Address of operator
IND*	2.6	Indirection operators
ADD*	2.7	Addition
SUB*	2.7	Subtraction
MUL*	2.7	Multiplication
SQR*	2.7	Squaring
DIV*	2.7	Fixed division
MOD*	2.7	Modulus
ABS*	2.7	Absolute value
NEG*	2.7	Negation
DVD*	2.7	Floating division
RANG* v	2.8	Subrange checking
CASEOP*	2.9	Case statements
FOR* a	2.12	For statements
PXPBUF w	2.10	Initialize \fIpxp\fP count buffer
TRACNT w,A	2.10	Count a procedure entry
COUNT w	2.10	Count a statement count point
CTTOT s,w,w	2.11	Construct set
CARD s	2.11	Cardinality of set
STOI	2.12	Convert short to long integer
STOD	2.12	Convert short integer to real
ITOD	2.12	Convert integer to real
ITOS	2.12	Convert integer to short integer
GET	3.7	Get next record from a file
PUT	3.8	Output a record to a file
MESSAGE	3.6	Write to terminal
FNIL	3.7	Check file initialized, not eof, synced
FLUSH	3.11	Flush a file
BUFF	3.11	Specify buffering for file "output"
EOF	3.10	Returns \fItrue\fR if end of file
EOLN	3.10	Returns \fItrue\fR if end of line on input text file
RESET	3.11	Open file for input
REWRITE	3.11	Open file for output
REMOVE	3.11	Remove a file
UNIT*	3.10	Set active file
READ*	3.7	Read a record from a file
WRITEC	3.8	Character unformatted write
WRITEF l	3.8	General formatted write
WRITES l	3.8	String unformatted write
WRITLN	3.8	Output a newline to a text file
PAGE	3.8	Output a formfeed to a text file
MIN s	3.8	Minimum of top of stack and \fIs\fR
MAX s,w	3.8	Maximum of top of stack and \fIw\fR
NAM A	3.8	Convert enumerated type value to print format
FILE	3.9	Push descriptor for active file
DEFNAME	3.11	Attach file name for \fBprogram\fR statement files
PACK s,w,w,w	2.15	Convert and copy from unpacked to packed
UNPACK s,w,w,w	2.15	Convert and copy from packed to unpacked
LLIMIT	2.14	Set linelimit for output text file
ARGC	2.14	Returns number of arguments to current process
ARGV	2.14	Copy specified process argument into char array
CLCK	2.14	Returns user time of program
SCLCK	2.14	Returns system time of program
WCLCK	2.14	Returns current time stamp
DATE	2.14	Copy date into char array
TIME	2.14	Copy time into char array
SEED	2.13	Set random seed, return old seed
RANDOM	2.13	Returns random number
DISPOSE	2.15	Dispose of a heap allocation
NEW s	2.15	Allocate a record on heap, set pointer to it
EXPO	2.13	Returns machine representation of real exponent
ATAN	2.13	Returns arctangent of argument
EXP	2.13	Returns exponential of argument
LN	2.13	Returns natural log of argument
COS	2.13	Returns cos of argument
SIN	2.13	Returns sin of argument
SQRT	2.13	Returns square root of argument
CHR*	2.15	Returns integer to ascii mapping of argument
ODD*	2.15	Returns \fItrue\fR if argument is odd, \fIfalse\fR if even
PRED*	2.7	Returns predecessor of argument
STLIM	2.14	Set program statement limit
SUCC*	2.7	Returns successor of argument
ROUND	2.13	Returns \s-2TRUNC\s0(argument + 0.5)
TRUNC	2.13	Returns integer part of argument
UNDEF	2.15	Returns \fIfalse\fR
SDUP	2.2	Duplicate top stack word
ASRT	2.12	Assert \fItrue\fR to continue
IN s,w,w	2.11	Set membership
INCT	2.11	Membership in a constructed set