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Revision 1.26, Fri Dec 23 10:19:57 2016 UTC (2 years, 10 months ago) by mrg
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.25: +3 -1 lines

for 64 bit mips platforms where we built userland largely as n32 by
default, build a handful of tools as n64 so they work properly.

unfortunately, they're also static as dynamic n64 has a problem.

of these tools pstat is probably the lowest hanging fruit to convert
to sysctl.  systat would be close were it not for the netstat screen,
which includes netstat itself.

the rest are difficult to perhaps foolish.

the upside is that netstat, pmap and fstat all work properly now.

#	$NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.26 2016/12/23 10:19:57 mrg Exp $
#	@(#)Makefile	8.2 (Berkeley) 4/17/94

PROG=	savecore
SRCS=	savecore.c zopen.c

MAN=	savecore.8

LDADD=	-lkvm -lutil -lz

.include "../../compat/exec.mk"

.include <bsd.prog.mk>