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[TXT] radix.h  1.6   15 years  xtraeme   Kill __P().
[TXT] table.c  1.22   15 years  mycroft   branches: 1.22.26; 1.22.38; PR 9431: if rnh_addradd() fails, total_routes will...
[TXT] main.c  1.39   15 years  wiz   branches: 1.39.26; 1.39.30; usage: -F was missing the /mask part. Based on PR ...
[TXT] routed.8  1.44   15 years  wiz   Remove unimplemented and undescribed -p option from usage and man page SYNOPSIS....
[TXT] defs.h  1.23   15 years  christos   constification lossage (hi gimpy)
[TXT] trace.c  1.30   15 years  christos   constification lossage (hi gimpy)
[TXT] rdisc.c  1.15   16 years  christos   From Vernon Schryver: Wolfgang Solfrank has explained the problem with router d...
[TXT] parms.c  1.20   16 years  itojun   strcat -> strlcat
[TXT] radix.c  1.12   17 years  thorpej   Avoid strict alias warnings.
[TXT] input.c  1.29   17 years  agc   Fix compilation problems on non-i386.
[TXT] if.c  1.24   17 years  christos   sync with routed 2.27
[TXT] output.c  1.22   17 years  christos   sync with routed 2.27
[TXT] pathnames.h  1.11   19 years  christos   sync with version 2.24. Vernon says: The most significant [fix] involves so call...
[TXT] Makefile  1.22   20 years  thorpej   Use pidfile(3).

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