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Diff for /src/sbin/gpt/remove.c between version 1.3 and

version 1.3, 2007/02/16 17:13:02 version, 2007/12/27 00:46:58
Line 49  static uuid_t type;
Line 49  static uuid_t type;
 static off_t block, size;  static off_t block, size;
 static unsigned int entry;  static unsigned int entry;
   const char removemsg1[] = "remove -a device ...";
   const char removemsg2[] = "remove [-b lba] [-i index] [-s lba] "
           "[-t uuid] device ...";
 static void  static void
 usage_remove(void)  usage_remove(void)
 {  {
         fprintf(stderr,          fprintf(stderr,
             "usage: %s -a device ...\n"              "usage: %s %s\n"
             "       %s [-b lba] [-i index] [-s lba] [-t uuid] device ...\n",              "       %s %s\n",
             getprogname(), getprogname());              getprogname(), removemsg1, getprogname(), removemsg2);
         exit(1);          exit(1);
 }  }

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