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Diff for /src/sbin/gpt/map.h between version 1.3 and 1.4

version 1.3, 2013/11/20 08:08:47 version 1.4, 2015/12/01 09:05:33
Line 29 
Line 29 
 #ifndef _MAP_H_  #ifndef _MAP_H_
 #define _MAP_H_  #define _MAP_H_
 typedef struct map {  struct map {
         off_t   map_start;          off_t   map_start;
         off_t   map_size;          off_t   map_size;
         struct map *map_next;          struct map *map_next;
Line 46  typedef struct map {
Line 46  typedef struct map {
 #define MAP_TYPE_PMBR           8  #define MAP_TYPE_PMBR           8
         unsigned int map_index;          unsigned int map_index;
         void    *map_data;          void    *map_data;
 } map_t;  };
 extern int lbawidth;  struct gpt;
 map_t *map_add(off_t, off_t, int, void*);  struct map *map_add(struct gpt *, off_t, off_t, int, void *);
 map_t *map_alloc(off_t, off_t, off_t);  struct map *map_alloc(struct gpt *, off_t, off_t, off_t);
 map_t *map_find(int);  struct map *map_find(struct gpt *, int);
 map_t *map_first(void);  struct map *map_first(struct gpt *);
 map_t *map_last(void);  struct map *map_last(struct gpt *);
 off_t map_resize(map_t *, off_t, off_t);  off_t map_resize(struct gpt *, struct map *, off_t, off_t);
   off_t map_free(struct gpt *, off_t, off_t);
 off_t map_free(off_t, off_t);  void map_init(struct gpt *, off_t);
 void map_init(off_t);  
 #endif /* _MAP_H_ */  #endif /* _MAP_H_ */

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