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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.12   9 years  hannken   Add -x option which allows to run `fsck_msdos -n' on a snapshot of a live file s...
[TXT] boot.c  1.21   20 months  dholland   Typos.
[TXT] check.c  1.19   5 years  christos   Well, if you set FSFIXFAT, better do it... Try running fsck on: $ newfs_msd...
[TXT] dir.c  1.29   2 years  christos   Prevent SEGV on corrupted msdos directories (Veo Zhang)
[TXT] dosfs.h  1.8   4 years  mlelstv   Avoid mixing cluster numbers and sector numbers. Makes code more readable.
[TXT] ext.h  1.13   10 years  lukem   fix sign-compare issues
[TXT] fat.c  1.30   4 months  christos   We already incremented cl; fix indexing. Noticed by Xin Li @FreeBSD.
[TXT] fsck_msdos.8  1.18   3 years  sevan   Document the version fsck_msdos first appeared. Bump date.
[TXT] main.c  1.24   4 years  christos   fix error messages containing \n

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