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[TXT] Makefile  1.85   12 years  christos   No need for stack_protector.o if USE_FORT is no. XXX: compiling a binary with -W...
[TXT] load.c  1.35   12 years  ad   branches: 1.35.12; rtld changes for PR bin/37347: - Apply patch from J.T. Conk...
[TXT] headers.c  1.26   12 years  christos   branches: 1.26.10; make this compile again.
[TXT] search.c  1.21   14 years  christos   Coverity CID 2749: Fix another double free. Instead of removing that last free()...
[TXT] xprintf.c  1.19   12 years  christos   support %z
[TXT] sysident.h  1.14   13 years  christos   branches: 1.14.34; 1.14.40; Use an elf note to handle pax arguments. This is a...
[TXT] rtldenv.h  1.9   12 years  ad   - Don't use the names malloc/free/etc, since we can end up pulling in libc's m...
[TXT] debug.c  1.6   15 years  skrll   Add __RCSIDs. OK'd by mycroft.
[TXT] debug.h  1.5   18 years  mycroft   branches: 1.5.54; 1.5.60; Nuke -DRTLD_RELOCATE_SELF and `dodebug' from orbit.
[TXT] TODO  1.4   14 years  skrll   Remove the LD_BIND_NOW item

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