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Revision 1.52, Fri Sep 3 21:54:59 2021 UTC (7 weeks, 4 days ago) by andvar
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.51: +3 -3 lines

fix typos in comments, mainly s/extention/extension/ and s/sufficent/sufficient/

$NetBSD: CHANGES,v 1.52 2021/09/03 21:54:59 andvar Exp $

changes in bozohttpd 20210824:
	o  new "-m tlsversion" option to set the minimum TLS version
	   available.  partially from <sunil@nimmagadda.net>.
	o  extend the list of available ciphers to include most of the
	   openssl "HIGH" with some additional disables.  retain the current
	   list of bad options.  should deal with PR#51278.

changes in bozohttpd 20210504:
	o  don't assume host BUFSIZ is sufficient.  small BUFSIZ leads to
	   always happens errors in the testsuite.  switch all these buffers
	   to be 4KiB sized.  reported by embr <git@liclac.eu>

changes in bozohttpd 20210403:
	o  fix a denial of service attack against initial request contents,
           now bounded at 16KiB.  reported by Justin Parrott in PR#56085

changes in bozohttpd 20210227:
	o  new support for content types: .tar.bz2, .tar.xz, .tar.lz,
	   .tar.zst, .tbz2, .txz, .tlz, .zipx, .xz, .zst, .sz, .lz, .lzma,
	   .lzo, .7z, .lzo, .cab, .dmg, .jar, and .rar.  should fix
	   netbsd PR#56026:
	   MIME type of .tar.xz file on ny{cdn,ftp}.NetBSD.org is invalid

changes in bozohttpd 20210211:
	o  fix various NULL derefs from malformed headers.  mostly from
	o  fix memory leaks in library interface: add bozo_cleanup().

changes in bozohttpd 20201014:
	o  also set -D_GNU_SOURCE in Makefile.boot.  from
	o  fix array size botch (assertion, not exploitable.)  from
	o  also match %2F as well as %2f.  from leah@vuxu.org.
	o  many manual and help fixes.  clean ups for higher lint levels,
	   consistency/style clean ups.  various option fixes including made
	   -f imply -b.  from <henrik@gulbra.net> for freebsd.

changes in bozohttpd 20200912:
	o  add .m4a and .m4v file extensions.

changes in bozohttpd 20200820:
	o  make this work on sun2 by reducing mmap window there.
	o  fix SSL shutdown sequence.  from spz@netbsd.org.
	o  add readme support to directory indexing.  from jmcneill@netbsd.org
	o  add blocklist(8) support.  from jruoho@netbsd.org.

changes in bozohttpd 20190228:
	o  extend timeout facility to ssl and stop servers hanging forever
	   if the client never sends anything.  reported by Steffen in netbsd
	o  don't display special files in the directory index.  they aren't
	   served, but links to them are generated.
	o  fix CGI '+' parameter handling, some error checking, and a double
	   free.  from rajeev_v_pillai@yahoo.com
	o  more directory indexing clean up.  from rajeev_v_pillai@yahoo.com

changes in bozohttpd 20181215:
	o  fix .htpasswd bypass for authenticated users.  reported by JP,
	   from leot@netbsd.org
	o  avoid possible null dereference when receiving a big request that
	   timeout.  reported by maya@netbsd.org, from leot@netbsd.org
	o  fix handling of -T option, from leot@netbsd.org
	o  cleanups and portability improvements, from maya@netbsd.org
	o  change directory indexing to use html tables, from

changes in bozohttpd 20181125:
	o  fixes for option parsing introduced in bozohttpd 20181123

changes in bozohttpd 20181121:
	o  add url remap support via .bzremap file, from martin@netbsd.org
	o  handle redirections for any protocol, not just http:
	o  fix a denial of service attack against header contents, which
	   is now bounded at 16KiB.  reported by JP
	o  reduce default timeouts, and add expand timeouts to handle the
	   initial line, each header, and the total time spent
	o  add -T option to expose new timeout settings
	o  minor RFC fixes related to timeout handling
	o  fix special file (.htpasswd, .bz*) bypass.  reported by JP

changes in bozohttpd 20170201:
	o  fix an infinite loop in cgi processing
	o  fixes and clean up for the testsuite
	o  no longer sends encoding header for compressed formats

changes in bozohttpd 20160517:
	o  add a bozo_get_version() function which returns the version number

changes in bozohttpd 20160415:
	o  add search-word support for CGI
	o  fix a security issue in CGI suffix handler support which would
	   allow remote code execution, from shm@netbsd.org
	o  -C option supports now CGI scripts only

changes in bozohttpd 20151028:
	o  add CGI support for ~user translation (-E switch)
	o  add redirects to ~user translation
	o  fix bugs around ~user translation
	o  add schema detection for absolute redirects
	o  fixed few memory leaks
	o  bunch of minor tweaks
	o  removed -r support
	o  smarter redirects 

changes in bozohttpd 20150320:
	o  fix redirection handling
	o  support transport stream (.ts) and video object (.vob) files
	o  directory listings show correct file sizes for large files

changes in bozohttpd 20140717:
	o  properly handle SSL errors

changes in bozohttpd 20140708:
	o  fixes for virtual host support, from rajeev_v_pillai@yahoo.com
	o  avoid printing double errors, from shm@netbsd.org
	o  fix a security issue in basic HTTP authentication which would allow
	   authentication to be bypassed, from shm@netbsd.org

changes in bozohttpd 20140201:
	o  support .svg files
	o  fix a core dump when requests timeout

changes in bozohttpd 20140102:
	o  update a few content types
	o  add support for directly calling lua scripts to handle
	   processes, from mbalmer@netbsd.org
	o  properly escape generated HTML
	o  add authentication for redirections, from martin@netbsd.org
	o  handle chained ssl certifications, from elric@netbsd.org
	o  add basic support for gzipped files, from elric@netbsd.org
	o  properly escape generated URIs

changes in bozohttpd 20111118:
	o  add -P <pidfile> option, from jmmv@netbsd.org
	o  avoid crashes with http basic auth, from pooka@netbsd.org
	o  add support for REDIRECT_STATUS variable, from tls@netbsd.org
	o  support .mp4 files in the default map
	o  directory indexes with files with : are now displayed properly, from
	o  allow -I option to be useful in non-inetd mode as well

changes in bozohttpd 20100920:
	o  properly fully disable multi-file mode for now
	o  fix the -t and -U options when used without the -e option, broken since
	   the library-ifcation
	o  be explicit that logs go to the FTP facility in syslog
	o  use scandir() with alphasort() for sorted directory lists, from moof
	o  fix a serious error in vhost handling; "Host:.." would allow access to
	   the next level directory from the virtual root directory, from seanb
	o  fix some various non standard compile time errors, from rudolf
	o  fix dynamic CGI content maps, from rudolf

changes in bozohttpd 20100617:
	o  fix some compile issues
	o  fix SSL mode.  from rtr
	o  fix some cgi-bin issues, as seen with cvsweb
	o  disable multi-file daemon mode for now, it breaks
	o  return 404's instead of 403's when chdir of ~user dirs fail
	o  remove "noreturn" attribute from bozo_http_error() that was
	   causing incorrect runtime behaviour

changes in bozohttpd 20100509:
	o  major rework and clean up of internal interfaces.  move the main
	   program into main.c, the remaining parts are useable as library
	   add bindings for lua.  by Alistair G. Crooks <agc@netbsd.org>
	o  fix http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=566325

changes in bozohttpd 20090522:
	o  avoid dying in daemon mode for some uncommon, but recoverable, errors
	o  close leaking file descriptors for CGI and daemon mode
	o  handle poll errors properly
	o  don't try to handle more than one request per process yet
	o  add subdirs for build "debug" and "small" versions
	o  clean up a bad merge / duplicate code
	o  make mmap() usage portable, fixes linux & ranges: support
	o  document the -f option
	o  daemon mode now serves 6 files per child

changes in bozohttpd 20090417:
	o  make bozohttpd internally more modular, preparing the way
	   to handle more than one request per process
	o  fix http-auth, set $REMOTE_USER not $REMOTEUSER.  also fix
	   cgi-bin with cvsweb, from Holger Weiss <holger@CIS.FU-Berlin.DE>
	o  fix an uninitialised variable use in daemon mode
	o  fix ssl mode with newer OpenSSL
	o  mmap large files in manageable sizes so we can serve any size file
	o  refactor url processing to handle query strings correctly for CGI
	   from Sergey Katsev at Coyote Point
	o  add If-Modified-Since support, from Joerg Sonnenberger
	o  many more manual fixes, from NetBSD

changes in bozohttpd 20080303:
	o  fix some cgi header processing, from <thelsdj@gmail.com>
	o  add simple Range: header processing, from <bad@bsd.de>
	o  man page fixes, from NetBSD
	o  clean up various parts, from NetBSD

changes in bozohttpd 20060710:
	o  prefix some function names with "bozo"
	o  align directory indexing <hr> markers
	o  clean up some code GCC4 grumbled about

changes in bozohttpd 20060517:
	o  don't allow "/.." or "../" files
	o  don't write ":80" into urls for the http port
	o  fix a fd leak when fork() fails
	o  make directory indexing mode not look so ugly
	o  build a text version of the manual page
	o  make "make clean" work properly

changes in bozohttpd 20050410:
	o  fix some off-by-one errors from <roland.illig@gmx.de>
	o  properly support nph- CGI
	o  make content maps case insensitive
	o  fix proto header merging to include the missing comma
	o  major source reorganisation; most features are in separate files now
	o  new -V flag that makes unknown virtualhosts use slashdir
	   from <rumble@ephemeral.org>
	o  HTTP/1.x protocol headers are now properly merged for CGI

changes in bozohttpd 20040808:
	o  CGI status is now properly handled (-a flag has been removed)
	o  CGI file upload support works
	o  %xy translations are no longer ever applied after the first '?',
	   ala RFC2396.  from lukem
	o  daemon mode (-b) should no longer hang spinning forever if it
	   sees no children.  from lukem
	o  new .bzabsredirect file support. from <martin@netbsd.org>
	o  return a 404 error if we see %00 or %2f (/)
	o  don't print 2 "200" headers for CGI
	o  support .torrent files

changes in bozohttpd 20040218:
	o  new .bzredirect file support for sane directory redirection
	o  new -Z option that enables SSL mode, from <rtr@eterna.com.au>
	o  the -C option has been changed to take two explicit options, rather
	   than a single option with a space separating the suffix and the
	   interpreter.  ``-C ".foo /path/to/bar"'' should now be written
	   as ``-C .foo /path/to/bar''
	o  the -M option has been changed like -C and no longer requires or
	   supports a single argument with space-separated options
	o  with -a, still print the 200 OK.  from <rtr@eterna.com.au>
	o  with -r, if a .bzdirect file appears in a directory, allow direct
	   access to this directory

changes in bozohttpd 20031005:
	o  fixes for basic authorisation.  from <ecu@ipv42.net>
	o  always display file size in directory index mode
	o  add .xbel, .xml & .xsl -> text/xml mappings.  from

changes in bozohttpd 20030626:
	o  fix a recent core dump when given no input
	o  add new -r flag that ensures referrer is set to this host
	o  fix several compile time errors with -DNO_CGIBIN_SUPPORT
	o  fix some man page details. from lukem@wasabisystems.com
	o  re-add a missing memset(), fixing a core dump. from lukem
	o  support HTTP basic authorisation, disabled by default.  from lukem
	o  print the port number in redirects and errors. from lukem
	o  only syslog the basename of the program. from lukem
	o  add __attribute__() format checking. from lukem
	o  fix cgibin SCRIPT_NAME to have a leading /.  from zakj@nox.cx
	o  simplify some code in -C to avoid a core dump.  from lukem
	o  add a .css -> css/text entry to the content_map[].  from zakj@nox.cx

changes in bozohttpd 20030409:
	o  -d without DEBUG enabled only prints one warning and continues
	o  one can now define the C macro SERVER_SOFTWARE when building to
	   change the Server: header and CGI variable of the same name
	o  add new -s flag the force logging output to stderr. from zakj@nox.cx
	o  add new -a flag for CGI bin that stops bozohttpd from outputting
	   any HTTP reply, the CGI program must output these.  from zakj@nox.cx
	o  new REQUEST_URI and DATE_GMT environment variables for CGI.  from
	o  add a "Makefile.boot" that should work with any make program
	o  build on linux again
	o  fix core dumps when using -C

changes in bozohttpd 20030313:
	o  deprecate -r flag; make this the default and silently ignore -r now
	o  add support for file extensions to call CGI programs (from lukem)
	o  add dynamic support to add new content map entries, allowing both
	   new file types and non /cgi-bin CGI programs to be run with the
	   new -C "suffix cgihandler" and -M "suffix type encoding encoding11"
	o  in -b mode, set the http date after accept() returns, not before we
	   call accept()
	o  in -b mode, bind all addresses found not just the first one
	o  unsupport old hostname API
	o  in -b mode, set the SO_REUSEADDR socket option (lukem)
	o  allow -x (index.html) mode to work with CGI handlers

changes in bozohttpd 20021106:
	o  add .bz2 support
	o  properly escape <, > and & in error messages, partly from
	   Nicolas Jombart <ecu@mariejeanne.net>
	o  new -H flag to hide .* files in directory index mode
	o  fix buffer reallocation when parsing a request, to avoid
	   overflowing the buffer with carriage returns (\r)
	o  do not decode "%XY"-style cgi-bin data beyond the "?"

changes in bozohttpd 5.15 (20020913):
	o  add .ogg support -> `application/x-ogg'
	o  fix CGI requests with "/" in the query part

changes in bozohttpd 5.14 (20020823):
	o  allow -X mode to work for "/"
	o  work on systems without MADV_SEQUENTIAL
	o  make a local cut-down copy of "queue.h" (fixes linux & solaris
	   support at the very least)
	o  portability fixes for pre-ipv6 socket api systems (eg, solaris 7)
	o  portability fixes for missing _PATH_DEFPATH, LOG_FTP and __progname
	o  better documentation on virtual host support

changes in bozohttpd 5.13 (20020804):
	o  support .mp3 files (type audio/mpeg)
	o  use stat() to find out if something is a directory, for -X mode

changes in bozohttpd 5.12 (20020803):
	o  constification
	o  fixes & enhancements for directory index mode (-X)

changes in bozohttpd 5.11 (20020730):
	o  more man page fixes from Thomas Klausner
	o  de-K&R C-ification
	o  fix Date: header for daemon mode
	o  fix core dump when asking for /cgi-bin/ when CGI isn't configured
	o  use a valid Server: header

changes in bozohttpd 5.10 (20020710):
	- add freebsd support 
	- fix a couple of header typos
	- many cgi-bin fixes from lukem@netbsd.org
	- add -T chrootdir and -U user, plus several minor other cleanups
	with signals and return values.  from xs@kittenz.org
	- add -e that does not clear the environment for -T/-U
	- fix a formatting error noticed by ISIHARA Takanori <ishit@oak.dti.ne.jp>

changes in bozohttpd 5.09 (20010922):
	- add a daemon mode
	- document how to use bozohttpd in netbsd inetd with more than 40 
	connections per minute and also with cgibin
	- man page fixes from wiz@netbsd.org

changes in bozohttpd 5.08 (20010812):
	- add directory index generation support (-X) from ad@netbsd.org
	- add .pa as an alias for .pac
	- make server software version configurable (RFC)

changes in bozohttpd 5.07 (20010610):
	- add .png support 
	- new "-x index.html" flag to change default file
	- new "-p public_html" flag to change default ~user directory
	- fixes cgi-bin support and more from chuck@research.att.com
	- add many new content-types, now support most common ones

changes in bozohttpd 5.06 (20000825):
	- add IPv6 support from itojun@iijlab.net
	- man page fixes from jlam@netbsd.org

changes in bozohttpd 5.05 (20000815):
	- fix a virtual host bug, from kleink@netbsd.org

changes in bozohttpd 5.04 (20000427):
	- fix virtual host support; URI takes precedence over Host:

changes in bozohttpd 5.03 (20000427):
	- fix a bug with chdir() 

changes in bozohttpd 5.02 (20000426):
	- .pac spport from simonb

changes in bozohttpd 5.01 (20000421):
	- .swf support 
	- virtual hosting support