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Current directory: [] / src / libexec / getty

Current tag: netbsd-7-1-2-RELEASE

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] main.c  1.64   7 years  joerg   Use __dead.
[TXT] gettytab.5  1.36   8 years  roy   branches: 1.36.32; Add capfile(5) to describe the termcap format. Adjust variou...
[TXT] subr.c  1.35   7 years  dholland   Don't try to estrdup() NULL; thanks martin@
[TXT] Makefile  1.20   7 years  dholland   Pass WARNS=5.
[TXT] ttys.5   5 years  snj   Pull up following revision(s) (requested by aymeric in ticket #510): libexec/ge...
[TXT] getty.8  1.18   7 years  wiz   branches: 1.18.28; - Add the actual binary to `FILES' section; - bump date. Fr...
[TXT] init.c  1.18   7 years  dholland   Pass WARNS=5.
[TXT] gettytab.h  1.17   7 years  dholland   Pass WARNS=5.
[TXT] pathnames.h  1.9   12 years  christos   move gettytab to paths.h
[TXT] extern.h  1.7   7 years  dholland   Pass WARNS=5.

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