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[TXT] Makefile  1.64   2 months  christos   blacklist hooks
[TXT] cmds.c  1.33   21 months  christos   check that stat succeeded before testing the guts of struct stat (Manime Villard...
[TXT] conf.c  1.64   2 years  christos   include pwd.h for password stuff
[TXT] extern.h  1.63   2 years  lukem   Convert from __attribute__(foo) to the __foo equiv in <sys/cdefs.h>
[TXT] ftpcmd.y  1.93   3 years  plunky   NULL does not need a cast, here
[TXT] ftpd.8  1.85   5 years  wiz   Drop trailing whitespace.
[TXT] ftpd.c  1.201   2 months  christos   blacklist hooks
[TXT] ftpd.conf.5  1.37   6 years  joerg   Don't use .Xo/.Xc or .Oo/.Oc over .It lines to work around the macro argument li...
[TXT] ftpusers.5  1.17   6 years  lukem   Crank copyright dates
[TXT] logutmp.c  1.12   3 years  plunky   NULL does not need a cast, here
[TXT] logwtmp.c  1.25   8 years  xtraeme   Apply patch from PR bin/33261 sent by FUKAOMI Naoki: "ftpd does not update wtmpx...
[TXT] pathnames.h  1.12   10 years  christos   change _PATH_FOO to _NAME_FOO where FOO is not a path. I'll discuss with luke wh...
[TXT] pfilter.c  1.1   2 months  christos   blacklist hooks
[TXT] pfilter.h  1.1   2 months  christos   blacklist hooks
[TXT] popen.c  1.37   5 years  christos   PR/43023: Bruce Cran: FTPD bug remote crash Since we specify NOCHECK, in the NOM...
[TXT] version.h  1.75   2 years  lukem   Update version to 20110904 for the user-visible change I made back then: Redu...

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