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Revision 1.2, Sun May 16 13:22:23 2004 UTC (17 years, 6 months ago) by lukem
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: wrstuden-fixsa-newbase, wrstuden-fixsa-base-1, wrstuden-fixsa-base, wrstuden-fixsa, netbsd-4-base, netbsd-4-0-RELEASE, netbsd-4-0-RC5, netbsd-4-0-RC4, netbsd-4-0-RC3, netbsd-4-0-RC2, netbsd-4-0-RC1, netbsd-4-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-4-0, netbsd-4, netbsd-3-base, netbsd-3-1-RELEASE, netbsd-3-1-RC4, netbsd-3-1-RC3, netbsd-3-1-RC2, netbsd-3-1-RC1, netbsd-3-1-1-RELEASE, netbsd-3-1, netbsd-3-0-RELEASE, netbsd-3-0-RC6, netbsd-3-0-RC5, netbsd-3-0-RC4, netbsd-3-0-RC3, netbsd-3-0-RC2, netbsd-3-0-RC1, netbsd-3-0-3-RELEASE, netbsd-3-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-3-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-3-0, netbsd-3, abandoned-netbsd-4-base, abandoned-netbsd-4
Changes since 1.1: +10 -2 lines

Add entries for items found on the Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1.
Spell "Microsoft" correctly.

# $NetBSD: usb_hid_usages,v 1.2 2004/05/16 13:22:23 lukem Exp $
# USB HID usage table
# Syntax:
#  - lines that do not start with a white space give the number and name of
#    a usage page.
#  - lines that start with a white space give the number and name of
#    a usage with the last given page.
#    If the number is * then the line matches all usages and the name
#    is a printf formatting string that will be given the usage number.
1	Generic Desktop
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Pointer
	0x02	Mouse
	0x03	Reserved
	0x04	Joystick
	0x05	Game Pad
	0x06	Keyboard
	0x07	Keypad
	0x08	Multi-axis Controller
	0x30	X
	0x31	Y
	0x32	Z
	0x33	Rx
	0x34	Ry
	0x35	Rz
	0x36	Slider
	0x37	Dial
	0x38	Wheel
	0x39	Hat Switch
	0x3A	Counted Buffer
	0x3B	Byte Count
	0x3C	Motion Wakeup
	0x40	Vx
	0x41	Vy
	0x42	Vz
	0x43	Vbrx
	0x44	Vbry
	0x45	Vbrx
	0x46	Vno
	0x80	System Control
	0x81	System Power Down
	0x82	System Sleep
	0x83	System Wake Up
	0x84	System Context Menu
	0x85	System Main Menu
	0x86	System App Menu
	0x87	System Menu Help
	0x88	System Menu Exit
	0x89	System Menu Select
	0x8A	System Menu Right
	0x8B	System Menu Left
	0x8C	System Menu Up
	0x8D	System Menu Down
	0x90	D-pad Up
	0x91	D-pad Down
	0x92	D-pad Right
	0x93	D-pad Left

2	Simulation Controls
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Flight Simulation Device
	0x02	Automobile Simulation Device
	0x03	Tank Simulation Device
	0x04	Spaceship Simulation Device
	0x05	Submarine Simulation Device
	0x06	Sailing Simulation Device
	0x07	Motorcycle Simulation Device
	0x08	Sports Simulation Device
	0x09	Airplane Simulation Device
	0x0A	Helicopter Simulation Device
	0x0B	Magic Carpet Simulation Device
	0x0C	Bicycle
	0x20	Flight Control Stick
	0x21	Flight Stick
	0x22	Cyclic Control
	0x23	Cyclic Trim
	0x24	Flight Yoke
	0x25	Track Control
	0x26	Driving Control
	0xB0	Aileron
	0xB1	Aileron Trim
	0xB2	Anti-Torque Control
	0xB3	Auto-pilot Enable
	0xB4	Chaff Release
	0xB5	Collective Control
	0xB6	Dive Brake
	0xB7	Electronic Counter Measures
	0xB8	Elevator
	0xB9	Elevator Trim
	0xBA	Rudder
	0xBB	Throttle
	0xBC	Flight Communication
	0xBD	Flare Release
	0xBE	Landing Gear
	0xBF	Toe Brake
	0xC0	Trigger
	0xC1	Weapons Arm
	0xC2	Weapons Select
	0xC3	Wing Flaps
	0xC4	Accelerator
	0xC5	Brake
	0xC6	Clutch
	0xC7	Shifter
	0xC8	Steering
	0xC9	Turret Direction
	0xCA	Barrel Elevation
	0xCB	Dive Plane
	0xCC	Ballast
	0xCD	Bicycle Crank
	0xCE	Handle Bars
	0xCF	Front Brake
	0xD0	Rear Brake

3	VR Controls
	0x00	Unidentified
	0x01	Belt
	0x02	Body Suit
	0x03	Flexor
	0x04	Glove
	0x05	Head Tracker
	0x06	Head Mounted Display
	0x07	Hand Tracker
	0x08	Oculometer
	0x09	Vest
	0x0A	Animatronic Device
	0x20	Stereo Enable
	0x21	Display Enable

4	Sports Controls
	0x00	Unidentified
	0x01	Baseball Bat
	0x02	Golf Club
	0x03	Rowing Machine
	0x04	Treadmill
	0x30	Oar
	0x31	Slope
	0x32	Rate
	0x33	Stick Speed
	0x34	Stick Face Angle
	0x35	Stick Heel/Toe
	0x36	Stick Follow Through
	0x37	Stick Tempo
	0x38	Stick Type
	0x39	Stick Height
	0x50	Putter
	0x51	1 Iron
	0x52	2 Iron
	0x53	3 Iron
	0x54	4 Iron
	0x55	5 Iron
	0x56	6 Iron
	0x57	7 Iron
	0x58	8 Iron
	0x59	9 Iron
	0x5A	10 Iron
	0x5B	11 Iron
	0x5C	Sand Wedge
	0x5D	Loft Wedge
	0x5E	Power Wedge
	0x5F	1 Wood
	0x60	3 Wood
	0x61	5 Wood
	0x62	7 Wood
	0x63	9 Wood

5	Game Controls
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	3D Game Controller
	0x02	Pinball Device
	0x03	Gun Device
	0x20	Point of View
	0x21	Turn Right/Left
	0x22	Pitch Right/Left
	0x23	Roll Forward/Backward
	0x24	Move Right/Left
	0x25	Move Forward/Backward
	0x26	Move Up/Down
	0x27	Lean Right/Left
	0x28	Lean Forward/Backward
	0x29	Height of POV
	0x2A	Flipper
	0x2B	Secondary Flipper
	0x2C	Bump
	0x2D	New Game
	0x2E	Shoot Ball
	0x2F	Player
	0x30	Gun Bolt
	0x31	Gun Clip
	0x32	Gun Selector
	0x33	Gun Single Shot
	0x34	Gun Burst
	0x35	Gun Automatic
	0x36	Gun Safety
	0x37	Gamepad Fire/Jump
	0x39	Gamepad Trigger

7	Keyboard
	0x00	No Event
	0x01	Keyboard ErrorRollOver
	0x02	Keyboard POSTFail
	0x03	Keyboard ErrorUndefined
	0x04	Keyboard a and A
	0x05	Keyboard b and B
	0x06	Keyboard c and C
	0x07	Keyboard d and D
	0x08	Keyboard e and E
	0x09	Keyboard f and F
	0x0A	Keyboard g and G
	0x0B	Keyboard h and H
	0x0C	Keyboard i and I
	0x0D	Keyboard j and J
	0x0E	Keyboard k and K
	0x0F	Keyboard l and L
	0x10	Keyboard m and M
	0x11	Keyboard n and N
	0x12	Keyboard o and O
	0x13	Keyboard p and P
	0x14	Keyboard q and Q
	0x15	Keyboard r and R
	0x16	Keyboard s and S
	0x17	Keyboard t and T
	0x18	Keyboard u and U
	0x19	Keyboard v and V
	0x1A	Keyboard w and W
	0x1B	Keyboard x and X
	0x1C	Keyboard y and Y
	0x1D	Keyboard z and Z
	0x1E	Keyboard 1 and !
	0x1F	Keyboard 2 and @
	0x20	Keyboard 3 and #
	0x21	Keyboard 4 and $
	0x22	Keyboard 5 and %
	0x23	Keyboard 6 and ^
	0x24	Keyboard 7 and &
	0x25	Keyboard 8 and *
	0x26	Keyboard 9 and (
	0x27	Keyboard 0 and )
	0x28	Keyboard Return (ENTER)
	0x29	Keyboard ESCAPE
	0x2A	Keyboard DELETE (Backspace)
	0x2B	Keyboard Tab
	0x2C	Keyboard Spacebar
	0x2D	Keyboard - and (underscore)
	0x2E	Keyboard = and +
	0x2F	Keyboard [ and {
	0x30	Keyboard ] and }
	0x31	Keyboard \ and |
	0x32	Keyboard Non-US # and ~
	0x33	Keyboard ; and :
	0x34	Keyboard ' and "
	0x35	Keyboard Grave Accent and Tilde
	0x36	Keyboard, and <
	0x37	Keyboard . and >
	0x38	Keyboard / and ?
	0x39	Keyboard Caps Lock
	0x3A	Keyboard F1
	0x3B	Keyboard F2
	0x3C	Keyboard F3
	0x3D	Keyboard F4
	0x3E	Keyboard F5
	0x3F	Keyboard F6
	0x40	Keyboard F7
	0x41	Keyboard F8
	0x42	Keyboard F9
	0x43	Keyboard F10
	0x44	Keyboard F11
	0x45	Keyboard F12
	0x46	Keyboard PrintScreen
	0x47	Keyboard Scroll Lock
	0x48	Keyboard Pause
	0x49	Keyboard Insert
	0x4A	Keyboard Home
	0x4B	Keyboard PageUp
	0x4C	Keyboard Delete Forward
	0x4D	Keyboard End
	0x4E	Keyboard PageDown
	0x4F	Keyboard RightArrow
	0x50	Keyboard LeftArrow
	0x51	Keyboard DownArrow
	0x52	Keyboard UpArrow
	0x53	Keypad Num Lock and Clear
	0x54	Keypad /
	0x55	Keypad *
	0x56	Keypad -
	0x57	Keypad +
	0x58	Keypad ENTER
	0x59	Keypad 1 and End
	0x5A	Keypad 2 and Down Arrow
	0x5B	Keypad 3 and PageDn
	0x5C	Keypad 4 and Left Arrow
	0x5D	Keypad 5
	0x5E	Keypad 6 and Right Arrow
	0x5F	Keypad 7 and Home
	0x60	Keypad 8 and Up Arrow
	0x61	Keypad 9 and PageUp
	0x62	Keypad 0 and Insert
	0x63	Keypad . and Delete
	0x64	Keyboard Non-US \ and |
	0x65	Keyboard Application
	0x66	Keyboard Power
	0x67	Keypad =
	0x68	Keyboard F13
	0x69	Keyboard F14
	0x6A	Keyboard F15
	0x6B	Keyboard F16
	0x6C	Keyboard F17
	0x6D	Keyboard F18
	0x6E	Keyboard F19
	0x6F	Keyboard F20
	0x70	Keyboard F21
	0x71	Keyboard F22
	0x72	Keyboard F23
	0x73	Keyboard F24
	0x74	Keyboard Execute
	0x75	Keyboard Help
	0x76	Keyboard Menu
	0x77	Keyboard Select
	0x78	Keyboard Stop
	0x79	Keyboard Again
	0x7A	Keyboard Undo
	0x7B	Keyboard Cut
	0x7C	Keyboard Copy
	0x7D	Keyboard Paste
	0x7E	Keyboard Find
	0x7F	Keyboard Mute
	0x80	Keyboard Volume Up
	0x81	Keyboard Volume Down
	0x82	Keyboard Locking Caps Lock
	0x83	Keyboard Locking Num Lock
	0x84	Keyboard Locking Scroll Lock
	0x85	Keypad Comma
	0x86	Keypad Equal Sign
	0x87	Keyboard International1
	0x88	Keyboard International2
	0x89	Keyboard International3
	0x8A	Keyboard International4
	0x8B	Keyboard International5
	0x8C	Keyboard International6
	0x8D	Keyboard International7
	0x8E	Keyboard International8
	0x8F	Keyboard International9
	0x90	Keyboard LANG1
	0x91	Keyboard LANG2
	0x92	Keyboard LANG3
	0x93	Keyboard LANG4
	0x94	Keyboard LANG5
	0x95	Keyboard LANG6
	0x96	Keyboard LANG7
	0x97	Keyboard LANG8
	0x98	Keyboard LANG9
	0x99	Keyboard Alternate Erase
	0x9A	Keyboard SysReq/Attention
	0x9B	Keyboard Cancel
	0x9C	Keyboard Clear
	0x9D	Keyboard Prior
	0x9E	Keyboard Return
	0x9F	Keyboard Separator
	0xA0	Keyboard Out
	0xA1	Keyboard Oper
	0xA2	Keyboard Clear/Again
	0xA3	Keyboard CrSel/Props
	0xA4	Keyboard ExSel
	0xE0	Keyboard LeftControl
	0xE1	Keyboard LeftShift
	0xE2	Keyboard LeftAlt
	0xE3	Keyboard Left GUI
	0xE4	Keyboard RightControl
	0xE5	Keyboard RightShift
	0xE6	Keyboard RightAlt
	0xE7	Keyboard Right GUI

8	LEDs
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Num Lock
	0x02	Caps Lock
	0x03	Scroll Lock
	0x04	Compose
	0x05	Kana
	0x06	Power
	0x07	Shift
	0x08	Do Not Disturb
	0x09	Mute
	0x0A	Tone Enable
	0x0B	High Cut Filter
	0x0C	Low Cut Filter
	0x0D	Equalizer Enable
	0x0E	Sound Field On
	0x0F	Surround Field On
	0x10	Repeat
	0x11	Stereo
	0x12	Sampling Rate Detect
	0x13	Spinning
	0x14	CAV
	0x15	CLV
	0x16	Recording Format Detect
	0x17	Off-Hook
	0x18	Ring
	0x19	Message Waiting
	0x1A	Data Mode
	0x1B	Battery Operation
	0x1C	Battery OK
	0x1D	Battery Low
	0x1E	Speaker
	0x1F	Head Set
	0x20	Hold
	0x21	Microphone
	0x22	Coverage
	0x23	Night Mode
	0x24	Send Calls
	0x25	Call Pickup
	0x26	Conference
	0x27	Stand-by
	0x28	Camera On
	0x29	Camera Off
	0x2A	On-Line
	0x2B	Off-Line
	0x2C	Busy
	0x2D	Ready
	0x2E	Paper-Out
	0x2F	Paper-Jam
	0x30	Remote
	0x31	Forward
	0x32	Reverse
	0x33	Stop
	0x34	Rewind
	0x35	Fast Forward
	0x36	Play
	0x37	Pause
	0x38	Record
	0x39	Error
	0x3A	Usage Selected Indicator
	0x3B	Usage In Use Indicator
	0x3C	Usage Multi Mode Indicator
	0x3D	Indicator On
	0x3E	Indicator Flash
	0x3F	Indicator Slow Blink
	0x40	Indicator Fast Blink
	0x41	Indicator Off
	0x42	Flash On Time
	0x43	Slow Blink On Time
	0x44	Slow Blink Off Time
	0x45	Fast Blink On Time
	0x46	Fast Blink Off Time
	0x47	Usage Indicator Color
	0x48	Red
	0x49	Green
	0x4A	Amber
	0x4B	Generic Indicator
	0x4C	System Suspend
	0x4D	External Power Connected
	0x4C-FFFF	Reserved

9	Button
	0x00	No Button Pressed
	*	Button %d

10	Ordinal
	0x00	Unused
	*	Instance %d

11	Telephony
	0x00	Unassigned
	0x01	Phone
	0x02	Answering Machine
	0x03	Message Controls
	0x04	Handset
	0x05	Headset
	0x06	Telephony Key Pad
	0x07	Programmable Button
	0x20	Hook Switch
	0x21	Flash
	0x22	Feature
	0x23	Hold
	0x24	Redial
	0x25	Transfer
	0x26	Drop
	0x27	Park
	0x28	Forward Calls
	0x29	Alternate Function
	0x2A	Line
	0x2B	Speaker Phone
	0x2C	Conference
	0x2D	Ring Enable
	0x2E	Ring Select
	0x2F	Phone Mute
	0x30	Caller ID
	0x50	Speed Dial
	0x51	Store Number
	0x52	Recall Number
	0x53	Phone Directory
	0x70	Voice Mail
	0x71	Screen Calls
	0x72	Do Not Disturb
	0x73	Message
	0x74	Answer On/Off
	0x90	Inside Dial Tone
	0x91	Outside Dial Tone
	0x92	Inside Ring Tone
	0x93	Outside Ring Tone
	0x94	Priority Ring Tone
	0x95	Inside Ringback
	0x96	Priority Ringback
	0x97	Line Busy Tone
	0x98	Reorder Tone
	0x99	Call Waiting Tone
	0x9A	Confirmation Tone 1
	0x9B	Confirmation Tone 2
	0x9C	Tones Off
	0xB0	Phone Key 0
	0xB1	Phone Key 1
	0xB2	Phone Key 2
	0xB3	Phone Key 3
	0xB4	Phone Key 4
	0xB5	Phone Key 5
	0xB6	Phone Key 6
	0xB7	Phone Key 7
	0xB8	Phone Key 8
	0xB9	Phone Key 9
	0xBA	Phone Key Star
	0xBB	Phone Key Pound
	0xBC	Phone Key A
	0xBD	Phone Key B
	0xBE	Phone Key C
	0xBF	Phone Key D

12	Consumer
	0x00	Unassigned
	0x01	Consumer Control
	0x02	Numeric Key Pad
	0x03	Programmable Buttons
	0x20	+10
	0x21	+100
	0x22	AM/PM
	0x30	Power
	0x31	Reset
	0x32	Sleep
	0x33	Sleep After
	0x34	Sleep Mode
	0x35	Illumination
	0x36	Function Buttons
	0x40	Menu
	0x41	Menu  Pick
	0x42	Menu Up
	0x43	Menu Down
	0x44	Menu Left
	0x45	Menu Right
	0x46	Menu Escape
	0x47	Menu Value Increase
	0x48	Menu Value Decrease
	0x60	Data On Screen
	0x61	Closed Caption
	0x62	Closed Caption Select
	0x63	VCR/TV
	0x64	Broadcast Mode
	0x65	Snapshot
	0x66	Still
	0x80	Selection
	0x81	Assign Selection
	0x82	Mode Step
	0x83	Recall Last
	0x84	Enter Channel
	0x85	Order Movie
	0x86	Channel
	0x87	Media Selection
	0x88	Media Select Computer
	0x89	Media Select TV
	0x8A	Media Select WWW
	0x8B	Media Select DVD
	0x8C	Media Select Telephone
	0x8D	Media Select Program Guide
	0x8E	Media Select Video Phone
	0x8F	Media Select Games
	0x90	Media Select Messages
	0x91	Media Select CD
	0x92	Media Select VCR
	0x93	Media Select Tuner
	0x94	Quit
	0x95	Help
	0x96	Media Select Tape
	0x97	Media Select Cable
	0x98	Media Select Satellite
	0x99	Media Select Security
	0x9A	Media Select Home
	0x9B	Media Select Call
	0x9C	Channel Increment
	0x9D	Channel Decrement
	0x9E	Media Select SAP
	0xA0	VCR Plus
	0xA1	Once
	0xA2	Daily
	0xA3	Weekly
	0xA4	Monthly
	0xB0	Play
	0xB1	Pause
	0xB2	Record
	0xB3	Fast Forward
	0xB4	Rewind
	0xB5	Scan Next Track
	0xB6	Scan Previous Track
	0xB7	Stop
	0xB8	Eject
	0xB9	Random Play
	0xBA	Select DisC
	0xBB	Enter Disc
	0xBC	Repeat
	0xBD	Tracking
	0xBE	Track Normal
	0xBF	Slow Tracking
	0xC0	Frame Forward
	0xC1	Frame Back
	0xC2	Mark
	0xC3	Clear Mark
	0xC4	Repeat From Mark
	0xC5	Return To Mark
	0xC6	Search Mark Forward
	0xC7	Search Mark Backwards
	0xC8	Counter Reset
	0xC9	Show Counter
	0xCA	Tracking Increment
	0xCB	Tracking Decrement
	0xCD	Pause/Play
	0xE0	Volume
	0xE1	Balance
	0xE2	Mute
	0xE3	Bass
	0xE4	Treble
	0xE5	Bass Boost
	0xE6	Surround Mode
	0xE7	Loudness
	0xE8	MPX
	0xE9	Volume Up
	0xEA	Volume Down
	0xF0	Speed Select
	0xF1	Playback Speed
	0xF2	Standard Play
	0xF3	Long Play
	0xF4	Extended Play
	0xF5	Slow
	0x100	Fan Enable
	0x101	Fan Speed
	0x102	Light
	0x103	Light Illumination Level
	0x104	Climate Control Enable
	0x105	Room Temperature
	0x106	Security Enable
	0x107	Fire Alarm
	0x108	Police Alarm
	0x150	Balance Right
	0x151	Balance Left
	0x152	Bass Increment
	0x153	Bass Decrement
	0x154	Treble Increment
	0x155	Treble Decrement
	0x160	Speaker System
	0x161	Channel Left
	0x162	Channel Right
	0x163	Channel Center
	0x164	Channel Front
	0x165	Channel Center Front
	0x166	Channel Side
	0x167	Channel Surround
	0x168	Channel Low Frequency Enhancement
	0x169	Channel Top
	0x16A	Channel Unknown
	0x170	Sub-channel
	0x171	Sub-channel Increment
	0x172	Sub-channel Decrement
	0x173	Alternate Audio Increment
	0x174	Alternate Audio Decrement
	0x180	Application Launch Buttons
	0x181	AL Launch Button Configuration Tool
	0x182	AL Programmable Button Configuration
	0x183	AL Consumer Control Configuration
	0x184	AL Word Processor
	0x185	AL Text Editor
	0x186	AL Spreadsheet
	0x187	AL Graphics Editor
	0x188	AL Presentation App
	0x189	AL Database App
	0x18A	AL Email Reader
	0x18B	AL Newsreader
	0x18C	AL Voicemail
	0x18D	AL Contacts/Address Book
	0x18E	AL Calendar/Schedule
	0x18F	AL Task/Project Manager
	0x190	AL Log/Journal/Timecard
	0x191	AL Checkbook/Finance
	0x192	AL Calculator
	0x193	AL A/V Capture/Playback
	0x194	AL Local Machine Browser
	0x195	AL LAN/WAN Browser
	0x196	AL Internet Browser
	0x197	AL Remote Networking/ISP Connect
	0x198	AL Network Conference
	0x199	AL Network Chat
	0x19A	AL Telephony/Dialer
	0x19B	AL Logon
	0x19C	AL Logoff
	0x19D	AL Logon/Logoff
	0x19E	AL Terminal Lock/Screensaver
	0x19F	AL Control Panel
	0x1A0	AL Command Line Processor/Run
	0x1A1	AL Process/Task Manager
	0x1A2	AL Select Tast/Application
	0x1A3	AL Next Task/Application
	0x1A4	AL Previous Task/Application
	0x1A5	AL Preemptive Halt Task/Application
	0x1A7	AL My Documents
	0x1AB	AC Spell
	0x1B6	AL My Pictures
	0x1B7	AL My Music
	0x200	Generic GUI Application Controls
	0x201	AC New
	0x202	AC Open
	0x203	AC Close
	0x204	AC Exit
	0x205	AC Maximize
	0x206	AC Minimize
	0x207	AC Save
	0x208	AC Print
	0x209	AC Properties
	0x21A	AC Undo
	0x21B	AC Copy
	0x21C	AC Cut
	0x21D	AC Paste
	0x21E	AC Select All
	0x21F	AC Find
	0x220	AC Find and Replace
	0x221	AC Search
	0x222	AC Go To
	0x223	AC Home
	0x224	AC Back
	0x225	AC Forward
	0x226	AC Stop
	0x227	AC Refresh
	0x228	AC Previous Link
	0x229	AC Next Link
	0x22A	AC Bookmarks
	0x22B	AC History
	0x22C	AC Subscriptions
	0x22D	AC Zoom In
	0x22E	AC Zoom Out
	0x22F	AC Zoom
	0x230	AC Full Screen View
	0x231	AC Normal View
	0x232	AC View Toggle
	0x233	AC Scroll Up
	0x234	AC Scroll Down
	0x235	AC Scroll
	0x236	AC Pan Left
	0x237	AC Pan Right
	0x238	AC Pan
	0x239	AC New Window
	0x23A	AC Tile Horizontally
	0x23B	AC Tile Vertically
	0x23C	AC Format
	0x279	AC Redo
	0x289	AC Reply
	0x28B	AC Fwd
	0x28C	AC Send

13	Digitizer
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Digitizer
	0x02	Pen
	0x03	Light Pen
	0x04	Touch Screen
	0x05	Touch Pad
	0x06	White Board
	0x07	Coordinate Measuring Machine
	0x08	3-D Digitizer
	0x09	Stereo Plotter
	0x0A	Articulated Arm
	0x0B	Armature
	0x0C	Multiple Point Digitizer
	0x0D	Free Space Wand
	0x20	Stylus
	0x21	Puck
	0x22	Finger
	0x30	Tip Pressure
	0x31	Barrel Pressure
	0x32	In Range
	0x33	Touch
	0x34	Untouch
	0x35	Tap
	0x36	Quality
	0x37	Data Valid
	0x38	Transducer Index
	0x39	Tablet Function Keys
	0x3A	Program Change Keys
	0x3B	Battery Strength
	0x3C	Invert
	0x3D	X Tilt
	0x3E	Y Tilt
	0x3F	Azimuth
	0x40	Altitude
	0x41	Twist
	0x42	Tip Switch
	0x43	Secondary Tip Switch
	0x44	Barrel Switch
	0x45	Eraser
	0x46	Tablet Pick

15	Physical Interface Device

16	Unicode
	*	Unicode Char u%04x

20	Alphnumeric Display
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Alphanumeric Display
	0x20	Display Attributes Report
	0x21	ASCII Character Set
	0x22	Data Read Back
	0x23	Font Read Back
	0x24	Display Control Report
	0x25	Clear Display
	0x26	Display Enable
	0x27	Screen Saver Delay
	0x28	Screen Saver Enable
	0x29	Vertical Scroll
	0x2A	Horizontal Scroll
	0x2B	Character Report
	0x2C	Display Data
	0x2D	Display Status
	0x2E	Stat Not Ready
	0x2F	Stat Ready
	0x30	Err Not a loadable character
	0x31	Err Font data cannot be read
	0x32	Cursor Position Report
	0x33	Row
	0x34	Column
	0x35	Rows
	0x36	Columns
	0x37	Cursor Pixel Positioning
	0x38	Cursor Mode
	0x39	Cursor Enable
	0x3A	Cursor Blink
	0x3B	Font Report
	0x3C	Font Data
	0x3D	Character Width
	0x3E	Character Height
	0x3F	Character Spacing Horizontal
	0x40	Character Spacing Vertical
	0x41	Unicode Character Set

128	Monitor
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Monitor Control
	0x02	EDID Information
	0x03	VDIF Information
	0x04	VESA Version
	0x05	On Screen Display
	0x06	Auto Size Center
	0x07	Polarity Horz Synch
	0x08	Polarity Vert Synch
	0x09	Sync Type
	0x0A	Screen Position
	0x0B	Horizontal Frequency
	0x0C	Vertical Frequency

129	Monitor Enumerated Values
	0x00	unassigned
	*	ENUM %d

130	VESA Virtual Controls
	0x10	Brightness
	0x12	Contrast
	0x16	Video Gain Red
	0x18	Video Gain Green
	0x1A	Video Gain Blue
	0x1C	Focus
	0x20	Horizontal Position
	0x22	Horizontal Size
	0x24	Horizontal Pincushion
	0x26	Horizontal Pincushion Balance
	0x28	Horizontal Misconvergence
	0x2A	Horizontal Linearity
	0x2C	Horizontal Linearity Balance
	0x30	Vertical Position
	0x32	Vertical Size
	0x34	Vertical Pincushion
	0x36	Vertical Pincushion Balance
	0x38	Vertical Misconvergence
	0x3A	Vertical Linearity
	0x3C	Vertical Linearity Balance
	0x40	Parallelogram Distortion
	0x42	Trapezoidal Distortion
	0x44	Tilt
	0x46	Top Corner Distortion Control
	0x48	Top Corner Distortion Balance
	0x4A	Bottom Corner Distortion Control
	0x4C	Bottom Corner Distortion Balance
	0x56	MoirHorizontal
	0x58	MoirVertical
	0x5E	Input Level Select
	0x60	Input Source Select
	0x62	Stereo Mode
	0x6C	Video Black Level Red
	0x6E	Video Black Level Green
	0x70	Video Black Level Blue

131	VESA Command
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	Settings
	0x02	Degauss

132	Power Device
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	iName
	0x02	PresentStatus
	0x03	ChangedStatus
	0x04	UPS
	0x05	PowerSupply
	0x10	BatterySystem
	0x11	BatterySystemID
	0x12	Battery
	0x13	BatteryID
	0x14	Charger
	0x15	ChargerID
	0x16	PowerConverter
	0x17	PowerConverterID
	0x18	OutletSystem
	0x19	OutletSystemID
	0x1A	Input
	0x1B	InputID
	0x1C	Output
	0x1D	OutputID
	0x1E	Flow
	0x1F	FlowID
	0x20	Outlet
	0x21	OutletID
	0x22	Gang
	0x23	GangID
	0x24	Sink
	0x25	SinkID
	0x30	Voltage
	0x31	Current
	0x32	Frequency
	0x33	ApparentPower
	0x34	ActivePower
	0x35	PercentLoad
	0x36	Temperature
	0x37	Humidity
	0x40	ConfigVoltage
	0x41	ConfigCurrent
	0x42	ConfigFrequency
	0x43	ConfigApparentPower
	0x44	ConfigActivePower
	0x45	ConfigPercentLoad
	0x46	ConfigTemperature
	0x47	ConfigHumidity
	0x50	SwitchOnControl
	0x51	SwitchOffControl
	0x52	ToggleControl
	0x53	LowVoltageTransfer
	0x54	HighVoltageTransfer
	0x55	DelayBeforeReboot
	0x56	DelayBeforeStartup
	0x57	DelayBeforeShutdown
	0x58	Test
	0x59	Vendorspecificcommand
	0x60	Present
	0x61	Good
	0x62	InternalFailure
	0x63	VoltageOutOfRange
	0x64	FrequencyOutOfRange
	0x65	Overload
	0x66	OverCharged
	0x67	OverTemperature
	0x68	ShutdownRequested
	0x69	ShutdownImminent
	0x6A	VendorSpecificAnswerValid
	0x6B	SwitchOn/Off
	0x6C	Switcheble
	0x6D	Used
	0x6E	Boost
	0x6F	Buck
	0x70	Initialized
	0x71	Tested

133	Battery System
	0x00	Undefined
	0x01	SMBBatteryMode
	0x02	SMBBatteryStatus
	0x03	SMBAlarmWarning
	0x04	SMBChargerMode
	0x05	SMBChargerStatus
	0x06	SMBChargerSpecInfo
	0x07	SMBSelectorState
	0x08	SMBSelectorPreset
	0x09	SMBSelectorInfo
	0x10	OptionalMfgFunction1
	0x11	OptionalMfgFunction2
	0x12	OptionalMfgFunction3
	0x13	OptionalMfgFunction4
	0x14	OptionalMfgFunction5
	0x15	ConnectionToSMBus
	0x16	OutputConnection
	0x17	ChargerConnection
	0x18	BatteryInsertion
	0x19	Usenext
	0x1A	OKToUse
	0x28	ManufacturerAccess
	0x29	RemainingCapacityLimit
	0x2A	RemainingTimeLimit
	0x2B	AtRate
	0x2C	CapacityMode
	0x2D	BroadcastToCharger
	0x2E	PrimaryBattery
	0x2F	ChargeController
	0x40	TerminateCharge
	0x41	TermminateDischarge
	0x42	BelowRemainingCapacityLimit
	0x43	RemainingTimeLimitExpired
	0x44	Charging
	0x45	Discharging
	0x46	FullyCharged
	0x47	FullyDischarged
	0x48	ConditionningFlag
	0x49	AtRateOK
	0x4A	SMBErrorCode
	0x4B	NeedReplacement
	0x60	AtRateTimeToFull
	0x61	AtRateTimeToEmpty
	0x62	AverageCurrent
	0x63	Maxerror
	0x64	RelativeStateOfCharge
	0x65	AbsoluteStateOfCharge
	0x66	RemainingCapacity
	0x67	FullChargeCapacity
	0x68	RunTimeToEmpty
	0x69	AverageTimeToEmpty
	0x6A	AverageTimeToFull
	0x6B	CycleCount
	0x80	BattPackModelLevel
	0x81	InternalChargeController
	0x82	PrimaryBatterySupport
	0x83	DesignCapacity
	0x84	SpecificationInfo
	0x85	ManufacturerDate
	0x86	SerialNumber
	0x87	iManufacturerName
	0x88	iDevicename
	0x89	iDeviceChemistery
	0x8A	iManufacturerData
	0x8B	Rechargeable
	0x8C	WarningCapacityLimit
	0x8D	CapacityGranularity1
	0x8E	CapacityGranularity2
	0xC0	InhibitCharge
	0xC1	EnablePolling
	0xC2	ResetToZero
	0xD0	ACPresent
	0xD1	BatteryPresent
	0xD2	PowerFail
	0xD3	AlarmInhibited
	0xD4	ThermistorUnderRange
	0xD5	ThermistorHot
	0xD6	ThermistorCold
	0xD7	ThermistorOverRange
	0xD8	VoltageOutOfRange
	0xD9	CurrentOutOfRange
	0xDA	CurrentNotRegulated
	0xDB	VoltageNotRegulated
	0xDC	MasterMode
	0xDD	ChargerBattery/HostControlled
	0xF0	ChargerSpecInfo
	0xF1	ChargerSpecRef
	0xF2	Level2
	0xF3	Level3

140	Bar Code Scanner

141	Scale Device

144	Camera Control

145	Arcade Device

# Some Microsoft non-standard extensions
0xff00	Microsoft
	0xe9	Base Up
	0xea	Base Down