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Current tag: netbsd-9-0-RELEASE

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] Makefile  1.22   9 years  matt   branches: 1.22.32; These directories default to WARNS?=5
[TXT] Makefile.hash  1.7   8 years  roy   Fix building our terminals with a non standard NETBSDSRCDIR, PR lib/46793. Thank...
[TXT] compile.c  1.12   4 years  roy   branches: 1.12.10; Clean up some more warnings.
[TXT] curterm.c  1.13   4 years  roy   branches: 1.13.2; 1.13.12; Clean up some compile warnings.
[TXT] genhash  1.9   5 years  roy   Fix some off by one issues with arraycount ..thanks coypu.
[TXT] genman  1.5   8 years  roy   Add descriptions for terminfo keys to term.h These are extracted by genman and p...
[TXT] genterms  1.4   10 years  roy   Now that nbperf can generate the same file using the -p option, there is no long...
[TXT] genthash  1.5   10 years  roy   Now that nbperf can generate the same file using the -p option, there is no long...
[TXT] setupterm.c  1.9   2 years  jakllsch   fix typo in error message; database is spelled with one 'b' and three 'a's
[TXT] shlib_version  1.1   11 years  roy   branches: 1.1.46; Import my terminfo implementation. This uses the ncurses term...
[TXT] term.c  1.29   3 years  roy   terminfo: if $TERMINFO.cdb doesn't exist, try $TERMINFO This allows this comman...
[TXT] term.h  1.22   4 years  roy   branches: 1.22.12; Allow terminfo users to update flag and numeric capabilities...
[TXT] term_private.h  1.11   8 years  roy   branches: 1.11.30; Move the strings vs long analysis to a private function, but...
[TXT] termcap.3  1.9   4 years  abhinav   Remove tputs from NAME section since it is described in terminfo(3)
[TXT] termcap.c  1.22   4 years  roy   branches: 1.22.10; Clean up some compile warnings.
[TXT] termcap.h  1.2   10 years  roy   POSIX says that term.h should define tgetstr and friends Fixes PR lib/43941
[TXT] termcap_map.c  1.3   11 years  roy   Our API just uses typedefs, so don't use the struct symbol which will avoid any ...
[TXT] terminfo.3  1.14   4 years  abhinav   Add missing functions to the NAME section
[TXT]  1.23   3 years  uwe   Fix pasto.
[TXT] ti.c  1.3   8 years  roy   Whitespace
[TXT] tparm.c  1.17   4 years  roy   branches: 1.17.10; Clean up some compile warnings.
[TXT] tputs.c  1.4   4 years  roy   branches: 1.4.10; Fix some compile warnings.

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