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[TXT] Makefile  1.31   11 years  gmcgarry   Wrap compiler-specific flags with HAVE_GCC and HAVE_PCC as necessary. Add a few ...
[TXT] auth-proto.h  1.15   13 years  christos   branches: 1.15.82; 1.15.84; Remove KRB4 dependent code (Jukka Salmi)
[TXT] auth.c  1.19   13 years  christos   branches: 1.19.42; Goodbye KerberosIV
[TXT] auth.h  1.11   14 years  perry   de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] enc-proto.h  1.8   14 years  agc   branches: 1.8.48; Another fall-out from the de-__Ping round.
[TXT] enc_des.c  1.13   12 years  hubertf   Remove more duplicate #includes, and a few spurious whitespaces at EOL From Slav...
[TXT] encrypt.c  1.14   12 years  hubertf   branches: 1.14.18; 1.14.22; 1.14.26; 1.14.34; Remove more duplicate #include...
[TXT] encrypt.h  1.8   14 years  perry   branches: 1.8.48; de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] forward.c  1.3   14 years  perry   de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] genget.c  1.11   15 years  dsl   branches: 1.11.48; Use (unsigned char) cast to sanitise arguments to ctype func...
[TXT] getent.c  1.10   14 years  perry   branches: 1.10.48; de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] kerberos5.c  1.17   13 years  christos   Coverity CID 2757: Avoid leaking key_block
[TXT] key-proto.h  1.6   14 years  perry   de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] misc-proto.h  1.10   14 years  perry   de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] misc.c  1.12   16 years  agc   branches: 1.12.54; Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence. P...
[TXT] misc.h  1.8   14 years  perry   branches: 1.8.48; de-__P (really de-P)
[TXT] pk.c  1.4   14 years  christos   constify, whitespace.
[TXT] pk.h  1.2   14 years  christos   constify, whitespace.
[TXT] shlib_version  1.10   13 years  christos   Goodbye KerberosIV
[TXT] sra.c  1.8   14 years  christos   eliminate unused passpromptlen and copy a default password each time we don't re...

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