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Diff for /src/lib/libresolv/Makefile between version 1.11 and 1.12

version 1.11, 2005/01/10 02:58:58 version 1.12, 2012/11/15 18:48:48
Line 3 
Line 3 
 .include <bsd.own.mk>  .include <bsd.own.mk>
   LIBC=   ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc
 LIB=resolv  LIB=resolv
 .if (${USE_INET6} != "no")  .if (${USE_INET6} != "no")
 .endif  .endif
 .PATH:  ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc/net ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc/resolv  .PATH: ${LIBC}/net ${LIBC}/resolv ${LIBC}/nameser
 SRCS=gethnamaddr.c res_mkquery.c res_query.c res_send.c  SRCS+= res_update.c res_findzonecut.c res_mkupdate.c
   SRCS+= res_sendsigned.c
   SRCS+= ns_date.c ns_samedomain.c ns_sign.c ns_verify.c
   SRCS+= dst_api.c support.c hmac_link.c
   # LIBC
   # SRCS+= res_comp.c res_send.c res_data.c res_debug.c res_mkquery.c
   # SRCS+= res_query.c res_mkupdate.c res_init.c res_state.c
   # SRCS+= ns_netint.c ns_name.c ns_print.c ns_parse.c ns_ttl.c ns_samedomain.c
 .include <bsd.lib.mk>  .include <bsd.lib.mk>

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