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Current tag: pgoyette-compat-0930

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[TXT] subr.c  1.20   5 years  manu   - Make sure non root users cannot access system namespace attributes - honour na...
[TXT] Makefile  1.11   4 years  christos   Define _KERNTYPES for things that need it.
[TXT] perfuse.h  1.2   4 years  dholland   Needs sys/cdefs.h for __BEGIN_DECLS and sys/types.h for mode_t.
[TXT] debug.c  1.12   7 years  manu   branches: 1.12.24; 1.12.30; 1.12.32; - Fix same vnodes associated with multip...
[TXT] perfuse_if.h  1.22   3 years  christos   branches: 1.22.14; make the env stuff visible.
[TXT] perfuse_priv.h  1.36   5 years  manu   branches: 1.36.8; 1.36.14; 1.36.16; FUSE fallocate support There seems to be ...
[TXT] perfuse.c  1.40   3 years  christos   branches: 1.40.6; 1.40.12; 1.40.14; make the env stuff visible.
[TXT] libperfuse.3  1.5   3 years  wiz   branches: 1.5.12; 1.5.14; Sort sections. new sentence, new line. Whitespace.
[TXT] ops.c  1.84   4 years  manu   branches: 1.84.8; 1.84.14; 1.84.16; Fix dot-lookup when readdir does not prov...
[TXT] shlib_version  1.1   9 years  manu   libperfuse(3) is a PUFFS relay to FUSE. In order to use it, FUSE filesystem must...
[TXT] fuse.h  1.7   3 years  christos   make this compile again, and simplify.

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