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Diff for /src/lib/libcurses/curses_private.h between version 1.20 and 1.21

version 1.20, 2002/01/02 10:38:27 version 1.21, 2002/06/26 18:14:03
Line 231  struct __screen {
Line 231  struct __screen {
         unsigned int len;          unsigned int len;
         int meta_state;          int meta_state;
         char pad_char;          char pad_char;
         char ttytype[1024];          char ttytype[128];
         int endwin;          int endwin;
 };  };
Line 255  void     _cursesi_resetterm(SCREEN *scre
Line 255  void     _cursesi_resetterm(SCREEN *scre
 int      _cursesi_setterm(char *type, SCREEN *screen);  int      _cursesi_setterm(char *type, SCREEN *screen);
 int      _cursesi_wnoutrefresh(SCREEN *screen, WINDOW *win);  int      _cursesi_wnoutrefresh(SCREEN *screen, WINDOW *win);
 int      __delay(void);  int      __delay(void);
 unsigned int __hash(char *s, int len);  unsigned int __hash_more(char *s, size_t len, u_int h);
   #define __hash(s, len)  __hash_more(s, len, 0u)
 void     __id_subwins(WINDOW *orig);  void     __id_subwins(WINDOW *orig);
 void     __init_getch(SCREEN *screen);  void     __init_getch(SCREEN *screen);
 void     __init_acs(SCREEN *screen);  void     __init_acs(SCREEN *screen);

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