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Diff for /src/lib/libcurses/curses_private.h between version 1.10 and 1.11

version 1.10, 2000/05/20 15:12:15 version 1.11, 2000/12/19 21:34:25
Line 96  struct __winlist {
Line 96  struct __winlist {
         struct __winlist        *nextp; /* Next window. */          struct __winlist        *nextp; /* Next window. */
 };  };
   /* Private variables. */
   extern char      __GT;                  /* Gtty indicates tabs. */
   extern char      __NONL;                /* Term can't hack LF doing a CR. */
   extern char      __UPPERCASE;           /* Terminal is uppercase only. */
   extern int       My_term;               /* Use Def_term regardless. */
   extern const char       *Def_term;      /* Default terminal type. */
   /* Termcap capabilities. */
   extern char     __tc_pc;
   extern char     __tc_am, __tc_bs, __tc_cc, __tc_da, __tc_eo,
                   __tc_hc, __tc_hl, __tc_in, __tc_mi, __tc_ms,
                   __tc_nc, __tc_ns, __tc_os, __tc_ul, __tc_ut,
                   __tc_xb, __tc_xn, __tc_xt, __tc_xs, __tc_xx;
   extern char     __CA;
   extern int      __tc_pa, __tc_Co, __tc_NC;
   extern char     *__tc_ac, *__tc_AB, *__tc_ae, *__tc_AF, *__tc_AL,
                   *__tc_al, *__tc_as, *__tc_bc, *__tc_bl, *__tc_bt,
                   *__tc_cd, *__tc_ce, *__tc_cl, *__tc_cm, *__tc_cr,
                   *__tc_cs, *__tc_dc, *__tc_DL, *__tc_dl, *__tc_dm,
                   *__tc_DO, *__tc_do, *__tc_eA, *__tc_ed, *__tc_ei,
                   *__tc_ho, *__tc_Ic, *__tc_ic, *__tc_im, *__tc_Ip,
                   *__tc_ip, *__tc_k0, *__tc_k1, *__tc_k2, *__tc_k3,
                   *__tc_k4, *__tc_k5, *__tc_k6, *__tc_k7, *__tc_k8,
                   *__tc_k9, *__tc_kd, *__tc_ke, *__tc_kh, *__tc_kl,
                   *__tc_kr, *__tc_ks, *__tc_ku, *__tc_LE, *__tc_ll,
                   *__tc_ma, *__tc_mb, *__tc_md, *__tc_me, *__tc_mh,
                   *__tc_mk, *__tc_mm, *__tc_mo, *__tc_mp, *__tc_mr,
                   *__tc_nd, *__tc_nl, *__tc_oc, *__tc_op,
                   *__tc_rc, *__tc_RI, *__tc_Sb, *__tc_sc, *__tc_se,
                   *__tc_SF, *__tc_Sf, *__tc_sf, *__tc_so, *__tc_sp,
                   *__tc_SR, *__tc_sr, *__tc_ta, *__tc_te, *__tc_ti,
                   *__tc_uc, *__tc_ue, *__tc_UP, *__tc_up, *__tc_us,
                   *__tc_vb, *__tc_ve, *__tc_vi, *__tc_vs;
 /* Private functions. */  /* Private functions. */
 #ifdef DEBUG  #ifdef DEBUG
 void     __CTRACE(const char *fmt, ...);  void     __CTRACE(const char *fmt, ...);
Line 142  extern int   __pfast;
Line 177  extern int   __pfast;
 extern int               __rawmode;  extern int               __rawmode;
 extern int               __noqch;  extern int               __noqch;
 extern attr_t            __nca;  extern attr_t            __nca;
 extern attr_t            __mask_OP, __mask_ME, __mask_UE, __mask_SE;  extern attr_t            __mask_op, __mask_me, __mask_ue, __mask_se;
 extern struct __winlist *__winlistp;  extern struct __winlist *__winlistp;
 extern WINDOW           *__virtscr;  extern WINDOW           *__virtscr;

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