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Diff for /src/lib/libc/tls/tls.c between version 1.7 and

version 1.7, 2013/08/19 22:14:37 version, 2014/12/31 06:51:08
Line 155  __libc_static_tls_setup(void)
Line 155  __libc_static_tls_setup(void)
         struct tls_tcb *tcb;          struct tls_tcb *tcb;
         if (&rtld_DYNAMIC != NULL) {          if (&rtld_DYNAMIC != NULL) {
 #ifdef __powerpc__  
                  * Old powerpc crt0's are going to overwrite r2 so we need to  
                  * restore it but only do so if the saved value isn't NULL (if  
                  * it is NULL, ld.elf_so doesn't have the matching change).  
                 if ((tcb = _lwp_getprivate()) != NULL)  
                 return;                  return;
         }          }

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