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Revision 1.1, Mon May 10 02:02:00 2004 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by kleink
Branch: MAIN
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Add a manual page for the standard-inspired offtime(3) and friends;
requested by Thomas Klausner.

.\"	$NetBSD: offtime.3,v 1.1 2004/05/10 02:02:00 kleink Exp $
.\" Written by Klaus Klein, May 10, 2004.
.\" Public domain.
.Dd May 10, 2004
.Nm offtime ,
.Nm timeoff ,
.Nm timegm ,
.Nm timelocal
.Nd convert date and time
.Lb libc
.In time.h
.Ft struct tm *
.Fn offtime "const time_t * clock" "long int offset"
.Ft time_t
.Fn timeoff "struct tm * tm" "long int offset"
.Ft time_t
.Fn timegm "struct tm * tm"
.Ft time_t
.Fn timelocal "struct tm * tm"
These functions are inspired by C standard interfaces named similarly.
.Fn offtime
converts the calendar time
.Fa clock ,
offset by
.Fa offset
into broken-down time, expressed as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
.Fn timeoff
converts the broken-down time
.Fa tm ,
expressed as UTC,
offset by
.Fa offset
into a calendar time value.
.Fn timegm
converts the broken-down time
.Fa tm
into a calendar time value, effectively being the inverse of
.Xr gmtime 3 .
It is equivalent to the C standard function
.Xr mktime 3
operating in UTC.
.Fn timelocal
converts the broken down time
.Fa tm ,
expressed as local time, into a calendar time value.
It is equivalent to the C standard function
.Xr mktime 3 ,
and is provided for symmetry only.
.Xr ctime 3 ,
.Xr tzset 3