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Revision 1.1, Thu Dec 26 18:34:28 2013 UTC (6 years, 11 months ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
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Branch point for: yamt-pagecache, tls-maxphys

update from tzcode 2013e to tzcode2013i
    The compile-time flag NOSOLAR has been removed, as nowadays the
    benefit of slightly shrinking runtime table size is outweighed by the
    cost of disallowing potential future updates that exceed old limits.
    Fix localtime overflow bugs with 32-bit unsigned time_t.

    zdump no longer assumes sscanf returns maximal values on overflow.
    'zic' now runs on platforms that lack both hard links and symlinks.
    (Thanks to Theo Veenker for reporting the problem, for MinGW.)
    Also, fix some bugs on platforms that lack hard links but have symlinks.

    'zic -v' again warns that Asia/Tehran has no POSIX environment variable
    to predict the far future, fixing a bug introduced in 2013e.
    The types of the global variables 'timezone' and 'altzone' (if present)
    have been changed back to 'long'.  This is required for 'timezone'
    by POSIX, and for 'altzone' by common practice, e.g., Solaris 11.
    These variables were originally 'long' in the tz code, but were
    mistakenly changed to 'time_t' in 1987; nobody reported the
    incompatibility until now.  The difference matters on x32, where
    'long' is 32 bits and 'time_t' is 64.  (Thanks to Elliott Hughes.)

# Generate the 'leapseconds' file from 'leap-seconds.list'.

# This file is in the public domain.

  print "# Allowance for leapseconds added to each timezone file."
  print ""
  print "# This file is in the public domain."
  print ""
  print "# This file is generated automatically from the data in the public-domain"
  print "# leap-seconds.list file available from most NIST time servers."
  print "# If the URL <ftp://time.nist.gov/pub/leap-seconds.list> does not work,"
  print "# you should be able to pick up leap-seconds.list from a secondary NIST server."
  print "# For more about leap-seconds.list, please see"
  print "# The NTP Timescale and Leap Seconds"
  print "# <http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/leap.html>."
  print ""
  print "# The International Earth Rotation Service periodically uses leap seconds"
  print "# to keep UTC to within 0.9 s of UT1"
  print "# (which measures the true angular orientation of the earth in space); see"
  print "# Terry J Quinn, The BIPM and the accurate measure of time,"
  print "# Proc IEEE 79, 7 (July 1991), 894-905 <http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/5.84965>."
  print "# There were no leap seconds before 1972, because the official mechanism"
  print "# accounting for the discrepancy between atomic time and the earth's rotation"
  print "# did not exist until the early 1970s."
  print ""
  print "# The correction (+ or -) is made at the given time, so lines"
  print "# will typically look like:"
  print "#	Leap	YEAR	MON	DAY	23:59:60	+	R/S"
  print "# or"
  print "#	Leap	YEAR	MON	DAY	23:59:59	-	R/S"
  print ""
  print "# If the leapsecond is Rolling (R) the given time is local time."
  print "# If the leapsecond is Stationary (S) the given time is UTC."
  print ""

/^ *$/ { next }
/^#/ { next }

    NTP_timestamp = $1
    TAI_minus_UTC = $2
    hash_mark = $3
    one = $4
    month = $5
    year = $6
    if (old_TAI_minus_UTC) {
	if (old_TAI_minus_UTC < TAI_minus_UTC) {
	    sign = "23:59:60\t+"
	} else {
	    sign = "23:59:59\t-"
	if (month == "Jan") {
	    month = "Dec";
	    day = 31
	} else if (month == "Jul") {
	    month = "Jun";
	    day = 30
	printf "Leap\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\tS\n", year, month, day, sign
    old_TAI_minus_UTC = TAI_minus_UTC