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Annotation of src/lib/libc/time/README, Revision ! jtc         1: @(#)README     7.10
1.1       jtc         2:
                      3: "What time is it?" -- Richard Deacon as The King
                      4: "Any time you want it to be." -- Frank Baxter as The Scientist ! jtc         5:                                        (from the Bell System film "About Time")
1.1       jtc         6:
                      7: The 1989 update of the time zone package featured
                      9: *      POSIXization (including interpretation of POSIX-style TZ environment
                     10:        variables, provided by Guy Harris),
                     11: *      ANSIfication (including versions of "mktime" and "difftime"),
                     12: *      SVIDulation (an "altzone" variable)
                     13: *      MACHination (the "gtime" function)
                     14: *      corrections to some time zone data (including corrections to the rules
                     15:        for Great Britain and New Zealand)
                     16: *      reference data from the United States Naval Observatory for folks who
                     17:        want to do additional time zones
                     18: *      and the 1989 data for Saudi Arabia.
                     20: (Since this code will be treated as "part of the implementation" in some places
                     21: and as "part of the application" in others, there's no good way to name
                     22: functions, such as timegm, that are not part of the proposed ANSI C standard;
                     23: such functions have kept their old, underscore-free names in this update.)
                     25: And the "dysize" function has disappeared; it was present to allow compilation
                     26: of the "date" command on old BSD systems, and a version of "date" is now
                     27: provided in the package.  The "date" command is not created when you "make all"
                     28: since it may lack options provided by the version distributed with your
                     29: operating system, or may not interact with the system in the same way the
                     30: native version does.
                     32: Since POSIX frowns on correct leap second handling, the default behavior of
                     33: the "zic" command (in the absence of a "-L" option) has been changed to omit
                     34: leap second information from its output files.
                     36: Be sure to read the comments in "Makefile" and make any changes
                     37: needed to make things right for your system.
                     38:   jtc        39: To use the new functions, use a "-ltz" option when compiling or linking.
1.1       jtc        40:
                     41: Historical local time information has been included here not because it
                     42: is particularly useful, but rather to:
                     44: *      give an idea of the variety of local time rules that have
                     45:        existed in the past and thus an idea of the variety that may be
                     46:        expected in the future;
                     48: *      provide a test of the generality of the local time rule description
                     49:        system.
                     51: The information in the time zone data files is by no means authoritative;
                     52: if you know that the rules are different from those in a file, by all means
                     53: feel free to change file (and please send the changed version to
                     54: tz@elsie.nci.nih.gov for use in the future).  Europeans take note!
                     56: Thanks to these Timezone Caballeros who've made major contributions to the
                     57: time conversion package:  Keith Bostic; Bob Devine; Paul Eggert; Robert Elz;
                     58: Guy Harris; Mark Horton; John Mackin; and Bradley White.  Thanks also to
                     59: Michael Bloom, Art Neilson, Stephen Prince, John Sovereign, and Frank Wales
                     60: for testing work, and to Gwillim Law for checking local mean time data.
                     61: None of them are responsible for remaining errors.
                     63: Look in the ~ftp/pub directory of elsie.nci.nih.gov
                     64: for updated versions of these files.
                     66: Please send comments or information to tz@elsie.nci.nih.gov.

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