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Current tag: netbsd-4-0-RC2

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[TXT] localtime.c  1.39   17 years  christos   branches: 1.39.18; 1.39.20; Remove a variable that became set-and-not-used aft...
[TXT] ctime.3  1.27   19 years  wiz   Use .In header.h instead of .Fd #include \*[Lt]header.h\*[Gt] Much easier to rea...
[TXT] strptime.c  1.25   17 years  christos   branches: 1.25.18; WARNS=4
[TXT] private.h  1.24   19 years  kleink   Merge tzcode2003e.
[TXT] strftime.3  1.23   16 years  reed   branches: 1.23.30; Fix typo or mispelling.
[TXT] zic.c  1.23   18 years  kleink   branches: 1.23.36; Merge tzcode2004a.
[TXT] tzset.3  1.22   19 years  wiz   branches: 1.22.42; Use .In header.h instead of .Fd #include \*[Lt]header.h\*[Gt...
[TXT] strftime.c   15 years  liamjfoy   Pull up following revision(s) (requested by ginsbach in ticket #818): lib/libc/...
[TXT] strptime.3  1.17   19 years  kleink   branches: 1.17.30; Make casing in previous consistent.
[TXT] zdump.c  1.15   16 years  christos   nuke perror.
[TXT] zic.8  1.14   19 years  kleink   branches: 1.14.42; Merge tzcode2003e.
[TXT] time2posix.3  1.13   19 years  wiz   branches: 1.13.42; Use .In header.h instead of .Fd #include \*[Lt]header.h\*[Gt...
[TXT] asctime.c  1.12   16 years  perry   Make the declarations of wday_name and mon_name less eccentric. I suppose they w...
[TXT] tzfile.5  1.12   19 years  wiz   branches: 1.12.42; Use .In header.h instead of .Fd #include \*[Lt]header.h\*[Gt...
[TXT]  1.11   17 years  christos   Use CPPFLAGS for -D flags otherwise lint does not get it.
[TXT] difftime.c  1.9   21 years  kleink   Delint me harder.
[TXT] Theory  1.8   18 years  kleink   Merge tzcode2004a.
[TXT] README  1.5   21 years  kleink   Merge tzcode2002b.
[TXT] tzcode2netbsd  1.5   18 years  kleink   Update for tzcode2004a.
[TXT] tzselect.ksh  1.5   23 years  kleink   Merge tzcode1999h.
[TXT] zdump.8  1.5   19 years  kleink   branches: 1.5.42; Merge tzcode2003d.
[TXT] checktab.awk  1.3   23 years  kleink   Merge tzcode1999h.
[TXT] tzselect.8  1.3   23 years  kleink   Merge tzcode1999h.
[TXT] offtime.3  1.1   18 years  kleink   Add a manual page for the standard-inspired offtime(3) and friends; requested by...

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